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Purple Flock Dynasty League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 4, 2017.

  1. So yeah we will be going to the waiver wire after the draft, to echo what RavensMania said.

    Also, after the draft is complete, if anyone wants to post their trade block in this thread, feel free. I would open up a separate thread for trade blocks if that would be better. Or we can keep it here. I'm not even sure ESPN has a trade block option, I Can never find it. But since about 8 of 10 people are on this forum, might as well post them here.

    should finish the draft the draft today, which is awesome, then FA will open up, and we'll be ready for Thursday.

    Be sure to check and make sure roster is full and you have all of your people. The spreadsheet is updated and I just went through and added people to rosters. The only one that should be full is Who Run It, but just be sure it's accurate up to this point.
  2. Already did
  3. Well for me, I am going to have one bench slot open since Andrew Luck retired mid draft for me ☹️. I guess I will just pick up one more player right after the draft concludes if it is alright.
  4. I'm going to have to do that as well with Tevin Smith on IR.
  5. Count me in on that as well, if they allow me. Harry has the IR designation, but not able to move him yet.
  6. Same since I had Lamar Miller die
  7. I'll take Haason Reddick!
  8. I will take Clelin Ferrell
  9. Earl Thomas, S
  10. I believe you’re 2-0 on taking the players that I wanted right before my pick.
  11. Him and Ed Oliver right?
  12. Yes sir. I mean Oliver has been compared to Aaron Donald very early one, but can’t pass on a comparison like that. And then I thought about taking Thomas early because I think he’s gonna kill it this year.

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