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Purple Flock Dynasty League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 4, 2017.

  1. Lol one man show.
  2. Of course the football gods hate us all. Why did the PATS have to sign Brown. That hurts Edelman's value for me. I have to hope that he ruins that organization as well.
  3. yes, I feel for you. I have Brown in one of my leagues, but hope for hell he doesn't have a catch all season.
  4. to think that Brown getting released allowed me to put up some serious points by playing Mark Andrews in the slot when he would have been on the bench.
  5. Well at least I got my one win for the season haha
  6. I ended up making my loss a respectable one. Was getting beat pretty badly early on.

    In my 4 leagues, I’m 1-3. Lol
  7. So glad I sat Howard this week
  8. Big ole goose egg. Luke kuechly is a monster. 17 tackles last night, no catches for Howard
  9. I’m hoping Torrey Smith is involved with Baltimore and the ravens for a long time. He’s at practice today with Steve Bisciotti
  10. I think I went up against Howard in one league. Good start to the week. In my four leagues, I started Godwin, Curtis Samuel on O, L. David and Shaq Thompson on D. Not a bad start to the weekend, considering I contemplated on starting Ronald Jones and Cam Newton.
  11. Looks like I’m gonna lose by 3.5 points this week and drop to 0-2. Looking down the barrel of an 0-3 start with a tough matchup next week.

    Sweet, sweet regression.

    I believe I’ll have to live and die with Watson at QB. Brees hurt. Cam underperforming.
  12. I have to give to give Julio Jones a bonus. If he doen't have that TD run at the end of the game, you would have won that game. My defense was totally off yesterday and you seemed to have some players underperform as well. It was an all around bad game except for a few.
  13. Well....that was easily the highest score my team has ever put up!
  14. The time has come. Goodbye Antonio Brown. What a ride it has been.
  15. Great week for me, not sure I have ever scored over 300 points in one week before.
  16. yep, had to drop him in another league as well. sucks
  17. not sure if my fantasy team even showed up this week @allblackraven. Glad the loss came to you my man.
  18. Currently sitting at 308 points. Might be my highest total ever
  19. There's still time for you. I have only one offensive player left

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