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Purple Flock Dynasty League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 4, 2017.

  1. according to @Adreme it's garbage time so it won't count
  2. Big run by Lindsay though, so I'm 200+ now
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  3. Oh garbage time padding is great for fantasy leagues
  4. Case In Point ---

    Now the Cowboys are down 14 points with 13:52 left in the game. Plenty of time to come back and they also have the momentum. I'm not saying they will come back, but this is my point.

  5. They can be down 21 with 2:30 left and that is still technically enough time to come back, but that does not change whether or not the stats are garbage time.
  6. It's not like they are in prevent. So no you are wrong

    The packers defensive strategy hasn't changed, the Cowboys have adjusted.
  7. Not everyone goes prevent in garbage time. Its garbage time because you were awful all game are down 4 scores and now are getting points (and no Dak is still doing the same stupid things the refs just bailed him out last drive). The defense does not determine garbage time, the situation does and this game is over and its just a matter of waiting for clock to run down.
  8. the packers bailed him out, not the refs. Those were good calls. If that's your definition of garbage time, then you don't believe a team has any chance to come back, even if they were playing poorly early on.

    That's one of the stupidest things I've heard in a very long time
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  9. There was less contact on that play then on most of the other plays today (including the PI they did not call) but the refs have been awful in that game, like it makes the Ravens refs look good and I get why Garrett is pissed because the calls are all over the place.

    Very simple metric. What is your chance of winning this game? Is it under 1%? If you played this game from this point 100x would Dallas win one of them? Statistically no (beauty of analytics is that is a measurable now), so now what will happen is Dallas will probably pull this to within 10 and suddenly it doesn't look like the steamroll that it was.

    edit: I thought we were in the other thread.... how are we here....
  10. My team is baaaaaaad this year
  11. I'm sure glad i drafted McCafrey 3 seasons ago, even though I was not expecting much.
  12. that’s why I love dynasty leagues. Feels good when they pay off.

    meanwhile, I’m rising from the dead. 2 straight to put me at 3-3
  13. Def. loving these Sanders and Sanu trades
  14. The patriots have been messing with Julian Edelman's fantasy stock for me all year. Starting with the AB drama and now the trade for sanu who plays in a way similar to Edelman if I remember correctly. At this point I don't know what to expect.
  15. At this point expect NE to lose in Baltimore two weeks from now. :p
  16. Anyone else have trouble setting the team?
    I can't move players around.
  17. I'm adding a few players to my trade block for anyone trying to make a playoff push:

    LeVeon Bell

    Brandin Cooks

    Travis Kelce

    Luke Kuechly

    Phillip Rivers

    Damien Williams

    Khalil Mack

    If you're interested DM me. I'm looking for draft picks and/or younger players
  18. still having problems? Just saw this
  19. No, couldn't do it night before Sunday 1.00pm games and around noon, eastern time - 'action' buttons were unavailable.
    Started working some time during the games.
  20. @RavensPunkXVX actually, it now works for moving players within the roster but I still can't add players from waivers/FA

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