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March Madness Tournament Challenge?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by JO_75, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. With today being selection Sunday, I was quite curious to see who was interested in doing a March Madness Tournament Challenge Fantasy Game. I can do the game on ESPN or Yahoo, depending on the interest level and preference. If you like to do one, post in this thread and I'll make a private group for us.

    1. JO_75
    2. Dom McRaven
    3. Ravensnation5220
    4. Tank
    5. Balfan23
    6. DeVito52
    7. RavensMania
    #1 JO_75, Mar 11, 2018
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  2. I wouldn't mind at all.
  3. I'll do it on ESPN but I just copied the link to the full bracket for those who are interested to study and go over.
  4. I’m in.
  5. I shall play
  6. 6 Players in...... Many more spots open, would love to have 15-20 people or more playing this.
  7. I’m in
  8. I'm going to make the group tomorrow and give out the password and stuff to join. Hopefully we can get more than 7 people involved.
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  9. You dont really need to in order to fill out a bracket. My GF got better percentages last year and she doesnt watch lol.
  10. You just pick teams. The less you know the better. Lol
  11. It's no fun then
  12. Idk i always found march madness as a lot of fun
  13. Exactly! I haven't watched this season either, but MM is so much fun to follow with all of the unpredictability.
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