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March Madness Tournament Challenge?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by JO_75, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. That 3 pointer to make it 61-44 may have just clinched it.
  2. Proves that anything is possible. Anything
  3. The Browns have a competent GM, they actually made really good free agent signings. The Eagles finally won a Super Bowl and a 16 Seed is about to beat a number one for the first time in NCAA Basketball History. Welcome to Sports in 2018.
  4. Is my school really going to beat the #1 seed. Holy shit.
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  5. UMBC beats Virginia by 20. Congratulations Retrievers!
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  6. I always did these for fun so I'm not too shook up over a busted bracket but extremely happy for UMBC!
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  7. Congrats to UMBC (U Must Be Cinderella) didnt see this comming lmao.

    Feel real bad for Virginia though
  8. Temporarily changing my picture in honor of most likely the biggest upset in March Madness history.
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  9. Forgive my saltiness, but fuck March Madness LMAO.
  10. LMAO!
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  11. You're telling me, so improbable, hard to really process
  12. 11 Seed Clemson just upset 3 seed Michigan. This has been a crazy tournament so far.
  13. MADNESS! lol
  14. I'm pretty sure none of us have a bracket left standing.
  15. I have a 4% chance of winning our group. LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  16. huh, Clemson wasn't playing Michigan
  17. So far I still have three teams active in the final four. My mistake was predicting KY.
  18. so far i still have 1 team active - my mistake was predicting... period.
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  19. sorry to hear that. That being said, you will be back next year to do it all over again.

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