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March Madness Tournament Challenge?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by JO_75, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Agree. Time to fill another bracket
  2. @JO_75 , is it happening or nah?
  3. Even with our small group yes. Will make the link in a bit.
  4. What's the scoop?
  5. neither does my wife and she ended up with 3 in final four last year. It was her first time doing it.
  6. Where's the link, @JO_75 ?
  7. Will post when I get home asap.
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  8. My bracket is filled, with Virginia winning it all on my bracket. Let's see what you guys got.
    I don't know much either, but I love doing March Madness Brackets. My first year I picked in 2008, I took North Carolina to win just because I had just recently moved there from Maryland. Everything else I just picked randomly.
  9. well i just filled one in but it all looked like gibberish to me...
  10. I got Virginia as well. Got them beating Wichita State.
  11. UNC vs DUKE. Duke wins.
  12. Villanova over Michigan
  13. Yet....it shows you picked Michigan.
  14. yes, forgot I picked Michigan in this bracket. I have a CBS bracket where I picked Villanova.
  15. UMBC and Virginia are tied at the half with 21 a piece. Everyone who picked Virginia begins to worry.

    Edit: UMBC now leads 35-24 in the second half!
  16. UMBC leads by 16 points, my gosh! History could be made tonight, never has a 16 seed beat a 1 seed. It's almost as if Virginia figured it was an easy win because UMBC was the 16th seed and didn't take them seriously. Now they are on the verge of destroying many, many, many brackets.

  17. I was gonna pick them because its Baltimore.....i chickened out lol. Shoulda went with my gut
  18. UMBC now leads 50-34, someone should send this game to the Ravens if UMBC wins and say this is how you keep your foot on the pedal for an entire game. Then again this is a Baltimore sports team so I'm waiting for the last minute collapse and loss.
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  19. Dean Pees coach UMBC

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