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Lamar Jackson

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 9, 2018.

  1. It pisses me off so much when Hollywood catches a pass and then is dancing around for the next 5 mins before diving to the ground. If he just kept his speed and momentum going then he would be dusting people out there.
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  2. Greg Roman offense has always been center around the number 1 wideout and tight end. It's never been a wide receiver friendly offense .It amazes me how reliable and productive Willie Snead was in Marty M offense but less productive in Greg Roman offense.
  3. when he caught that deep out vs cinci and looked inside, slowed up, fake jabbed, the accelerated Out of bounds, I was just like what the fuck are you doing, you’re quite possibly the fastest human currently standing in the mid atlantic, like you are THAT fast, world class speed, and you’re trying to toy with guys that are trying to catch you FROM BEHIND, just fucking hit the gas and they’re not catching you dude.
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  4. when we traded Hayden hurst, I said it was The right move because we will never win a super bowl if Lamar doesn’t take some of that TE centric passing game and distribute a piece to the wrs, my biggest concerns were: will lamar make all of those throws? and more concerning for me, will Greg Roman be able to shed that reputation and begin building a passing game centered around distributing the ball to all of your targets.

    boykins timing and positioning has been incredibly poor, and he has been extremely slow out of his breaks not due to athleticism but due to being unsure and hesitant, he’s been in the wrong place so often, but none of this can negate the fact that jk dobbins and Devin duvernay have proven to be weapons in both the run and pass game and by the nature of their skill sets you just need to design plays for them, which is on roman. and zeroing in on andrews for a deep dig when duvernay is wide open on a shallow dig for a first and quite possibly running it in for a TD with that speed, is all on Lamar, overthrowing Hollywood is all Lamar, he’s been off, some has been his fault, plenty has been on Roman and Boykin as well, it’s an all around problem that frankly starts with harbaugh and he needs to start putting foots in asses and right the ship, although he’s been known to coach teams that struggle with offensive identity so maybe this is his doing too.
  5. If Boykin is not physical enough to use his size at WR, then how could he do it at TE? If Boykin is struggling with his release against CBs, then he's going to have a much bigger issue with TEs/LBs. Waller knew how to play physical, he was just a very raw prospect and had issues with suspensions in college which didn't help his case. I don't see how Boykin could do it. I really hope this guy proves me wrong but so far I feel very underwhelmed by what he's shown so far in the season.
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  6. I was thinking that if he was not fast enough to beat CB's bc of his release, maybe paired up LB's would benefit him. Just a thought.
  7. Lost was actually saying this about Boykin from jump, when we drafted him he was saying he hopes we use him in a big slot role because he should have the ability to turn and change direction against LBs and run from them, but likely won’t have the same results playing dbs
  8. While speed definitely helps, not everyone possesses the ability to beat NFL CBs because most young CBs can go stride for stride with most WRs. Guys like Kennan Allen and Allen Robinson don't beat CBs with primarily speed. They flat out know how to use their hands to beat press coverage, sell routes, find soft spots, and take advantage of angles. Guys like Keenan Allen and Allen Robinson may get a step on guys, but they mostly don't do it because of speed. Boykin just doesn't have a grasp on any of those concepts.
  9. theres also a critical difference between speed and suddenness
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  10. I’m concerned that Boykin is turning into a bust .
  11. He was a late 3rd, I wouldn’t consider that a bust more like a miss. He can still turn things around but given what we’ve seen I doubt it. I would love to see him prove me wrong though.
  12. Might as well. Never hurts to try.
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  13. When Greg Roman was with The 49ers they try to become more of passing offense in 2014 by signing Brandon Lloyd and Stevie Johnson to go along with Anquan Boldin and Micheal Crabtree. They struggle with identity that year the same as The Ravens are now. I don't really know if Greg Roman can evolve but it's obvious tight ends are important in his offense. I think The Ravens might as well try to sign or trade for a tight end that adds something to the passing game as well as contributed as a blocker like Hayden Hurst. Maybe Roman can be better but I don't think it's wise to take away with what works for him.

    Boykin get's a lot criticisms but we got to be fair here as well. There has been more than one occasion when he has been open for a potential big gain or simply positive yards for a first down but Lamar Jackson just ignores him. I don't think Boykins is without flaws but it's obvious that LJ hasn't made any of his receivers look all that good outside of Brown and Andrews. Shoot even Brown and Andrews probably haven't looked as good as we would expected this year.
  14. Fro Lamar > plait Lamar

    don’t @ me
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  15. i agree lol - hair is important

    the better joe flacco's hair got the worse he got at football like a reverse Samson
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  16. We need fro Lamar with a Fu Manchu to unlock his full potential
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  17. That's basically just alternate universe 1970s Lamar lol
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  18. lamar already looks like a young samuel L, fu manchu and a fro and he'll just be jules from pulp fiction
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  19. I was just about to say this lmao

    “SAY RUNNING BACK AGAIN MOTHER [profanity deleted] I DARE YOU”
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