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Lamar Jackson

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 9, 2018.

  1. I was wondering why Lamar was wearing a glove and found out today he jammed his left thumb. Hope he’s all good
  2. I think it happened on one of those sacks before halftime, he wasn't wearing a glove prior to half and I think he got crunched up on one of those hits.
  3. This man Lamar LMAOOOO. If you don't get the reference, let me know. I'll make sure that you have a ticket to the PIT OF MISERY expeditiously.

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  4. did you see the next presser lamar gave he gave harbs a recommendation
  5. I did not, but it doesn't surprise me.
  6. Omg where
  7. When I was watching this presser and I heard Mike Jones I said to myself “who?” (I swear it’s reaction every time I hear Mike Jones lol) and then Lamar reacted to hearing it as well. unexpected but had me dying!
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  9. Lmao this dude lamar is just awesome. Coolest mf in the league hands down.
    If you hear “mike Jones” and don’t at least think to yourself “WHO?” Well that’s just unamerican
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  10. ...

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  11. That's fine. He's a rapper from Houston. His most notable songs include Still Tippin' (my absolute favorite, Back Then, and Who? Here's your ticket to the PIT OF MISERY. From there, you should have more than enough free time to give them a shot. Have a nice day.
  12. haha now the man himself getting involved

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  13. Bruh still tippin is such a classic, slim thug killed that joint
  14. He snapped on the track, don't care what anyone tells me. I remember seeing the music video when it first came out and I was just.......mesmerized with it LOL. It's like my man Slim was comfy AF in that whip.
  15. Lmfao you ain’t lying, I remember 7th grade thanksgiving break, it comes on mtv2, when Paul wall first appeared I was like what??? This dudes white??? Lmao. Definitely one of my all time favorite songs
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  16. I've seen some posters say we still shouldn't extend Lamar I just don't see it what else does he have to prove? This dude put the team on his back for the second half of the season and in the titans game. I truly believe we just need an Allen Robinson type of reciver opposite of hollywood to actually scare teams and give Lamar someone who will consistently get open. This also obviously will help Hollywood and Mark Andrews get open more often also. I just don't understand how people can still say Lamar is the problem or we should wait to pay him. This dude has done so much and is so good
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  17. Some people are emotional but it’s clear Lamar is in our long term plans. The only way and reason you don’t extend hi is if you’re at all hesitant about keeping him. Now is the best time to buy though
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