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Lamar Jackson

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 9, 2018.

  1. Sometimes you just gotta throw it up in one on one situations and trust your guy to get the ball.
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  2. It's gonna be hard to get used to 12-5 records now. How bout 3-14. Yikes!!
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  3. Who does he trust though?

    not only that, those are throws that require a clean pocket, for instance that int vs the Titans, he got his shit rocked right up the A gap as he was releasing, not to excuse it but cmon, low percentage throws that he isn’t given a chance to step into?

    Consider the lack of a stable pocket and pass protection, then consider Boykin being laughably bad at getting off press and releasing efficiently, then consider the other option being 5’9” 170 lbs and you have a compounding problem with deep balls outside the numbers.

    lamar has made his share of horrible attempts on deep balls, but in 2019 he did a damn solid job on them, and it’s no coincidence the OL held up MUCH better in 19 and also Seth Roberts was honestly a more trustworthy target on deep balls than Boykin.
  4. Did Boykin even run the correct route on that Titans interception?
  5. I think he did, I believe it was supposed to be a fade but Lamar threw it way inside and the corner had hard inside leverage.

    I could be wrong, but Lamar really did get rocked immediately after it left his hand, I have to wonder the difference if he has room to step into it.
  6. Lamar not as good outside the numbers at all.. even the short routes are often missed throws. Tbh, its nothing to do with oline... its just something he has to work on
  7. idk if it was a defender or if the ball just came out wrong - but the throw was all wrong the moment it left his hand
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  8. I was talking more of what he needs to do in the future with shiny new toys
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  9. I agree but I feel the incoming blitz influenced the release, would be highly unlikely that it had no effect lol
  10. if you are talking about the Bills game pick 6, then yes the blitz influenced the throw. I have no doubt in my mind.
  11. The int vs the Titans, there was a stunt bearing down on him as he was beginning his wind up, and I re watched he didn’t actually get hit, but that stunt was coming in clean
  12. is this the first game against the Titans, during the regular season?
  13. No the ugly int in the playoffs when he was going deep to Boykin early.
  14. oh right, I had forgotten about that one because we ended up winning the game. But i do remember saying, here we go again.
  15. I think it had more to do with him staring andrews down
  16. different pick lol
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  17. that's only part of it. It was completely rushed do to the OL collapsing
  18. New Lamar commercial (Oakley)


  19. Ugh. Is the real commercial going to be subtitled?!? People I know that goof on the way he speaks are gonna have a field day.......
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  20. I certainly hope not.

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