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Next Up: @ Cleveland


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I'd rather it happen in September than December. None of these injuries seem to be long-term, and could just as easily bode well that we're actually largely health in the second half of the year. Something this team hasn't seen since '19.
the biggest word in your statement is " Seem" .


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You know something, @JAAM , I'm getting really close to calling one of our first #SIIEs a bust. This is just torture.
Yea I’m done with Bate, brother. I hope we can either trade him this off-season or just move on with a release. Enough of the oft-injured WRs and RBs


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The Browns did elevate a QB and TE. Could just be for precaution but seems like there’s at least some level of question for Watson and Njoku


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This ! Why draft someone with ZERO sacks his senior year in college? CRAZY! Oweh that is.
Probably cause sacks isn't really true indicator on how good a edge rusher really is. It's not like Oweh came in this league showing absolutely nothing. I thought he has a legit chance to win rookie defensive player of the year before his injury later on in the season. His second year was a down year but that's not uncommon for players