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Video Game Thread

Discussion in 'Madden/Video Games' started by Dom McRaven, May 18, 2017.

  1. Tell me about it. The tickets didn't cost anything. It was basically first come, first serve. I didn't see what the ticket said but basically they were "I call dibs" on whichever console they wanted. Couple of people were tenting out over a couple of days. Others were there since 5ish in the evening of Thanksgiving. I don't know about other GameStops but the one I went to had 6 Xboxs and TWO PS5s.
  2. Ohhhh, that makes more sense. I don't understand why people can't be patient for new releases. I might try my luck to grab one if I had the money, but there's no way in hell I'm paying more than the retail price.
  3. ...a couple of days for a console. There aren't even any games out yet that make it worthwhile. Msoft and Sony have to coordinate the process better if they truly intend to stick to "this is for the players" slogan.

  4. This story pissed me off. That's taking advantage given how unique this year has been smh.

    To answer your question about the games, at the moment Sony has Spider-Man, Godfall, and Demon Souls that are exclusive and XBOX doesn't have one yet. Every other game is available for both.

    I am a huge spiderman fan and a sucker for looter slasher games so I'll be picking up both Godfall and Spiderman.
  5. The wild part about waiting outside a day or 2 is the fact that alot of these Gamestops only have a few consoles to sell to begin with.....

    Thursday night I drove by Gamestop and they had at least 20 people waiting outside because my roommate was trying to figure out if he should do the same. I told him not to because the last thing you want to do is spend all night outside only to find out they did not have a console.

    They only had 2 Playstations.

    Just 2. First guy who got his started crying, he was waiting since basically Thanksgiving mid afternoon for this.

  6. With the exception of reaching out directly to current players via their accounts, there is nothing else they can really do given all the unique circumstances. Thanks to the pandemic, they could not produce as many as they usually would. The next issue was the stores refusing to sell in person to avoid large crowds which forced all inventory online. From there, scalpers turned their attention to the consoles and SSD cards and started buying things in bulk. Scalpers have more inventory that most stores and they artificially inflated prices.

    It's tough all around. It's the perfect storm for scalpers.
  7. tbh i dont care, if folks really want so desperately to keep up with the joneses despite all logic and rationale telling them not to, then thats their problem.

    there is literally zero reason to go to such extreme lengths for a console that doesnt have any next gen or exclusive releases yet.

    if people want scalping to stop, then stop supporting them. if people are buying up all this inventory and they have nobody to sell to, then their money is wasted and theyll be forced to take a loss when they sell them for a discounted price later, killing any incentive to scalp and breaking the cycle. but instead folks are spending 1000+ on a console rather than waiting another 2 months when they are restocked and the hype is dramatically reduced.

    this is about people being willing to spend whatever price so that they can have their status symbols, getting a ps5 or the new xbox the week it releases is nothing more than riding the wave, this is how jordan can re release the same sneaker every few years and fights break out in foot lockers across the country, this is how apple sells the same phone minus a practical feature and adding 1/10th of an inch and 2 more cameras and charge hundreds more every time, this is how taco bell re releases the same burrito for a month of every year and has drive thru lines wrapping around the building, its hype and status symbol shit, if the buyers support it, its gonna keep happening.

    if you are just a regular console gamer and youre simply looking to play some games on the ps5 and you truly arent worried about status symbols and riding the latest wave, then dont worry, youll get your console at regular price in a few months and the odds are you wont be missing anything in that time frame, because the next gen games arent even out yet.

    that said, the ticket thing is absolute fucking garbage, not spending a dime and then scamming a child out of $950. buying the actual consoles and selling them at a markup just feels different, because youre making a risky one time investment, but at that point youre literally just robbing desperate people
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  8. I agree with you and this is exactly how I feel. I would not spend a single dime over sticker on these things. However, there are many people who turn to games for reasons outside of casual fun. These are the people that burst into tears when they receive the console. Would I do that? No. Is there anything that would move me like that? No.

    To alot of these folks, it's all they have to look forward to this year. Specifically this year with the difficulties many of these people have faced. I empathize with them, I get it, you've been waiting all year for a win and now that you can get one there is a price wall stopping you from getting it. With rumblings of another potential lockdown, what better way to stay inside?

    Hell I have a friend that burst into tears because someone hit the side of his vehicle after he spent all this money on the car getting track ready. I am not saying it is good practice to put that much emotion, but I can understand why you did it and why it's doing this to you.

    You're also correct about there not being an incentive to scalp if people just waited. You and I think the same with this. I was prepared to wait however many months for a console, I refuse to over spend for a PS5. Especially during a pandemic WTF?

    I've dealt with the scalping shit before which is why I am not into sneakers like I use to be.
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  9. ok so we see eye to eye on this lol, and yeah i empathize with these people, im a gamer myself, right now im in a funk where i dont enjoy any of my games and football feels shitty so i feel like i have literally nothing to spend my free time on lol, and i still have zero desire for the new consoles, i think the best thing for these people is to just remind themselves that theyre missing literally nothing and they will have their shot at the console long before they begin missing out on new content

  10. Unless players want to play Demon Souls or SpiderMan making the jump at this point doesn't make much sense.

    I play a few other guys that would benefit greatly for me to make the jump so I'm getting it for these reasons.
  11. I can't speak for Sony, but Microsoft's CFO did say that they would be going through supply issues through April 2021. Coupled with the fact that tomorrow isn't guaranteed, I understand why folks want to get one as soon as possible.
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  12. Anyone got COD: Cold War? How is it?
  13. Anyone got a Nintendo Switch? What games are good to get for the Switch?
  14. SSBU (essentially mandatory tbh), Mario Kart (also mandatory), New Super Mario Bros Deluxe
  15. SSBU was a definite for me, loved playing the original on Nintendo 64 as a kid lol. I'm planning on buying Super Mario Maker 2 as I just like being able to create your own levels and play crazy levels other people make. Any games not named Mario or anything Nintendo related that are good?
  16. I don't really play the Switch that often (got it on Black Friday 2018), but I'm sure there's a few others.
  17. I have a switch and I only got it to play Pokémon Sword and Shield which ended up being trash.

    By the way, if anyone here likes playing that kind of game I highly suggest TemTem, it's a Ps5 and PC exclusive for now.
  18. Breath Of The Wild, and I say that as someone who has played 0 other Zelda games
  19. I came across this earlier on today and I have to say that this dude deserves a Nobel Peace prize

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  20. The replies talking about how “nice the guy was being” because he was making $750 for doing Jack shit lmao
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