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Video Game Thread

Discussion in 'Madden/Video Games' started by Dom McRaven, May 18, 2017.

  1. Well boyz, wish me luck. I am on my phone and computer at work waiting for the 3:00 pm drop for the PS5
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  2. Finally, after months and months I finally was able to buy a Nintendo Switch at it's original price of $299. Took forever to find one since the Pandemic started and the only way to get one was to buy one at scalpers' prices. Just wanted to check in on those who got a PS5/Series X, seeing reports of FEDEX Drivers stealing PS5s and Amazon UK is having their drivers steal new systems. Anyone on here have issues getting their system?
  3. I haven’t been able to secure one. Too many times I’ve gotten as close as verifying delivery on the PS5. No luck. It’s impossible to buy online
  4. I flipped my PS5 for profit since there aren't any good games out yet.

  5. Why didn’t you tell your fellow Ravens.........lol
  6. Throw a party when you get that PS5 bro

  7. Lol that's what it feels like.
  8. Maybe a dumb question: is Cold War going on sale for Black Friday? Can't seem to find any deals on BF Ads or anything.
  9. Doubt it. But then again, I'd keep checking. The folks behind this Twitter account do a damn good job with keep track of all video game deals.

  10. I actually managed to get a PS5 last night from Walmart.

    I’m shocked
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  11. A Thanksgiving miracle
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  12. The salty part for me really wants to say, "Fuck you, you lucky [profanity deleted]." But the rest of me that's still wholesome will congratulate you on your accomplishment.

    Bro I shit you not, I had my mom and my brother help me out last night. We were all on the site for the Xbox. 8:59:45...we all refreshed. Wal-Mart gon say that this shit was out of stock. Like wtf! It wasn't even 9pm. I fucking hate scalpers. Scum of the earth.
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  13. W
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  14. I understand perfectly how you feel lmfao.

    now I will give you some insight on how I did it though. I did try exactly at 9 and obviously by 9:03 everything says sold out for the most part. I did try again around 9:15-9:20 and managed to add one to my cart. My guess is that they don’t unload the entire amount all at once. It’s as if they staggered the consoles as time went by.
  15. And that's the thing. I didn't even notice that until like 10:30ish lol.

  16. I did a little Black Friday shopping. There was quite a line outside of Bestbuy and I'm not sure why...
    Seriously, though.. Walmart wasn't anything special, nor was Gamestop.

    Anyway, I'm so cheap that I'm gonna wait for Ps5 v2 to be affordable.

    Meanwhile I finally started playing Hellblade:Senuas Sacrifice. This game is pretty special.
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    Last edited: Nov 28, 2020
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  17. Ahh yes, I almost forgot to mention my Black Friday experience. Woke up around 5ish in the morning (damn near slept in). Drove to the nearest GameStop. By the time I got there, there was like 20ish ppl in line. I already knew I missed out on the Xbox Series X, but fuck it, there were few a games I had my :eyes: on anyways.

    Approaching the entrance, one of the scalpers (fuck him) tried offering me his ticket for $750, tryna tell me that this was the best deal and all of that other bullshit. I said "No thanks, I'm good." I didn't even want to look at him, he disgusted me that much. Either way, I talk with the others who managed to get the console. 10 mins later? Here comes this kid with his mom. Scalper does the same thing to him. Now mind you, I can't hear the rest of the convo between them. Needless to say, he ends up getting the ticket from the scalper.

    Only 15 ppl are allowed in the store at the time and your boy was lucky number 15. The kid was looking for COD: Cold War so I helped him out since I wasn't planning on getting the game at this time. I asked him how much he paid and he told me $950. Poor kid didn't realize that was just for the ticket itself. Homeboy froze up and got shook when the employee told him. He ended up going back to his house (about 10 mins away) to get the additional money to pay for the Xbox. All in all, he ended up paying $1450 approx.

    Now don't get me wrong, I too would like to get an Xbox Series X. I ain't paying more than retail price for it though. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there aren't ANY Xbox games that are completely exclusive to the Series X. It's just not worth it IMO. But I guess it was for the kid since he said he broke both of his Xbox Ones.
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  18. What was the ticket for? Was that $950 just to get into the store, or just for the game? Either way, fuck scalpers.
  19. The ticket was basically a reservation for the console. The $950 was JUUUSSTTT for the ticket. Absolute desperation.
  20. Holy shit, that's outrageous. There's no way my mom would let me spend that much on a new console, but I guess at that point you might as well pay the extra $500.

    Do you know how much the tickets would have cost normally? Like it confuses me why you would have to buy a ticket if you still had to pay extra for the console itself.

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