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Video Game Thread

Discussion in 'Madden/Video Games' started by Dom McRaven, May 18, 2017.

  1. For me, the XBOX has nothing to play outside of the games that will be available for both consoles.

    I am a big Halo fan, but the franchise has gone downhill since Bungie stopped making the games. The proof is in the sales, since Halo 3, sales have gone down after each release which to me is a problem. When you think XBOX, the biggest names attached to the franchise are Halo, Gears, and Forza.

    I have to get a PS5 because I love RPG and JRPG games, God of War, Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, Bloodbourne, and Horizon Zero Dawn are all must haves for me. That doesn't include Gran Turismo which has been in the works for a long time or the new Ratchet/Godfall.

    Xbox 360 to me was the greatest gamers console ever created IMO. Sony when they released the PS3 made the mistake and made it about everything but the games which is how I felt about the recent XBOX and now the Series X that is coming out. They keep talking about value and access to many old games. I want knew experiences.

    My choice is based on games not named Madden/FIFA/COD
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  2. Xbox: mostly stuff that won't be available in 2020 (Forza and Halo)
    PS5: FIFA and Madden for sure, but I gotta check the reviews for the other day 1 games.
  3. I haven't bought a hard copy since PS3. If you know how you can buy games from low income countries and save some money. Plus it's just convenient to order a code online and you don't have to deal with storage.
  4. How can you have a Kobe tribute cover on a game and not have his 2-Peat Lakers teams?
  5. How much you wanna bet it'd be paid DLC?
  6. That would be SICK. They are doing very well with the MyPark/Career/Team that I could not fathom them doing something like that.

    2KSports is trash considering the money they make/what they make
  7. Kinda liked the ps4 version better but I'm not gonna get bent outta shape over this.

  8. I thought it was a weird direction to go in.
  9. Anyone ever play this game before? One of my favorites growing up.

  10. Would anybody be interested in playing Among Us? It's free on mobile, and $5 on Steam. Need at least 4 people, but it would probably be better if there were more players.
  11. Watched my brother play it last week. Shit looks stupid but the memes are kinda funny with the "sus" part lol.
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  12. I bought it because of the memes, but it looks like it could be fun with a group of friends.
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