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The Well-Mannered Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by usmccharles, May 22, 2017.

  1. Ah, you're not going to like who my favorite talking head is then...lol. I have a huge man crush on Tucker Carlson. Of course, he's pretty hard core right winger, but nobody's perfect :D
  2. Both FOX and CNN are bias. Only CNN tries to hide it.
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  3. Yup no CNN negative agenda. None att all.
    Love me some Tucker
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  4. Tre, he is better than most backups. But in my opinion his talent does not exceed his problems. If Aaron Rodgers did this, then the packers cut him, there would be 31 teams willing to pay him 25mill a year or more. That's just the way the world works. Now we have politicians writing to the owner of the Seahawks asking them to sign Kap.

    The Smithsonian is actually going to display Kap's jersey for his 'civil rights leadership.'
  5. Wait seriously?
  6. Acording to USA Today. Also, Harry Edwards (a sociologist and civil rights activists) is pushing it to be placed next to.... Wait for it... Muhammad Ali's display.

    One guy was banned from his sport for two years, faced imprisonment and still stood by his protest. The other guy takes a knee during an anthem, making millions, loses his job, says he will now stop his protest so he can get a job....is going to be compared to Ali? Seems about right.
  7. Tucker Carlson is an improvement over Bill O'Reilly in the same way that the common cold is better than the flu. It still sucks, it's just less sucky.

    I guess I'm on my own here. Shrug. I'm used to it. It's a rough life being a reporter today. I just can't respect Fox for airing that dingbat Sean Hannity. I'm betting that when El Trumpo finally fires Spicer, Hannity's gonna be the new press secretary.

    Let me ask of you and others: What draws you to Fox News instead of CNN, NBC, or any of the other networks?
    #27 The Raven, May 23, 2017
    Last edited: May 23, 2017

  8. and that is where my support for Kap stopped, he was not willing to lose his job for it. He should be nowhere near Ali

  9. I almost pissed myself when I saw that CNN headline last week. LOL! Must have been a slow news day :D
    I'm actually not all that into Fox; I just think they are less shitty than most of the others. As lame as it may be, I like to watch and read from various sources, just so that I can laugh at how they all present the same items in completely different lights.
  10. I definitely have an appreciation for that.
  11. Wow.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Colin Kaepernick

    Which name does not belong in this list of great civil rights leaders?
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  12. *raises hands * I KNOW, PICK ME, PICK ME
  13. You ever watch Judge Jeanine Pirro?
  14. Oh, you mean my baby momma? Love her!
  15. Wait.
    That CNN headline is for real?
  16. Seriously thought it was photoshoped until someone linked the article to me.
  17. It's ALMOST as laughable as when they tried to run the article featuring the Pats visit to the White House, claiming that many Pat's didn't show up because they hate Trump.
    Then Belichick called them out on it on Twitter....with photos showing the "missing" players sitting in the crowd LOL.
    And they still never corrected it AFAIK
  18. Shoot, even if there were players that didn't show up, it's not anything special. Every president has players that won't show up.

    We even had a few when we won it a few years back
    [doublepost=1495587591,1495587433][/doublepost]I need to find that graph that showed the negative press coverage of Trump, CNN was like 96-4 negative to positive.

    I don't care how bad you think he is doing, NOBODY is 96-4 bad.

    James Buchanan wouldn't have been 96-4

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