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The Well-Mannered Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by usmccharles, May 22, 2017.

  1. No doubt. But CNN only seems to point that fact out if a Democrat is in office :/ To flat out lie about it, well....
    The one where CNN hosted 96 Trump critics, and 6 Trump supporters and 13 neutral parties?
  2. You and me both, because there is a LOT of that taking place nowadays.
  3. Not sure. It was a graph of all of the "mainstream" outlets and their negative to positive ratio. Even Fox News was something like 56-44 negative
  4. And Kap has the "right" to free speech as anyone else. Although these cats are football players they are also humans and they have a right to express their political views as any other US citizen. As a prior military serviceman (Army), I found absolutely nothing offensive or disrespectful to me personally because he chose not to stand during the National Anthem.

    Our country has more severe issues to deal with than Kap's "not standing" prior to a football GAME. Not real life issues but a GAME (in my Iverson "practice" voice). Ironically, those more severe issues in our nation was why Kap chose not to stand in the first place. Go figure! SMH!
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  5. Devil's advocate: On numerous occasions, I have been accused of making up a quote, even though I record the audio of ALL my interviews. Why do they instantly throw the liar card? Probably because they can't take the heat.

    Let me put it another way. Do you really think an overworked, underpaid reporter gives two craps about making up a quote from Nancy Sinatra to make Trump look bad, when we know damn well he'll out-dumb himself in five minutes? C'mon and use your noggin.
    CNN actually ran a story, at least online, about Super Bowl champs skipping WH visits during Obama's and Trump's terms. Stop saying "CNN only..." does it unless you know it for sure. Misinformation makes for a stupid populace and a stupider president.
    Can you tell me something he's accomplished? I'm still waiting for him to do something other than set the record for the worst approval rating in his first 100 days in the history of approval ratings in the first 100 days (not even making that up). Hell, it's worse than Nixon's when the Watergate investigations started. It's worse than Bubba Clinton's -- AFTER he was impeached.

    Congress crapped on his border wall proposal. The first AHCA rollout was a disaster and the Senate is crapping on this second one. He still hasn't started anything meaningful on tax reform or infrastructure. And the country's GDP growth is less than a percent since he took office, the lowest rate since 2014. He has completely failed to do anything so far, and that's with Republicans having majorities in both houses.

    And this is all on top of the Russia debacle.

    Please. I'm listening earnestly as a centrist Democrat who actually voted for Jeb in the primary (I like smart people with actual policies). What has Donald accomplished?
    #47 The Raven, May 23, 2017
    Last edited: May 24, 2017
  6. A lot, considering humble beginnings with just $1M loan from his dad.
  7. Excuse me, it was "a small loan" of $1 million.
  8. Yeah, forgot that important distinction.

    What do you think are the odds of him sitting through entire 4 year term? If he feels threatened, would he start a war somewhere?
  9. One of those statements is not like the others
    [doublepost=1495605599,1495605210][/doublepost]I have an entire list of his 1st 100 days and the promises he has either kept or attempted to keep. It is a bit long but completely worth the read
  10. Ok, i need someone to try to explain something to me, if its possible. I have heard so many stories of people talking politics and losing friends, co-workers, family, etc....How? Is this just people who are so close minded and ignorant, they wont hear any other opinion? Some of us here are from way different backgrounds, voted for different people, view life laws differently...is there something that another poster would say to make you not talk to them?

    There is a couple posters here that we know each other for awhile: Sledgehammer, Grim, flyn, Bmorebird, Lost, JFlex, Militant, RavensMania, Sami, Williback, Kdog, Spicey, The Raven, Ellicott. We have been debating for years, outside of you guys being straight up racist/sexist, i dont know there is any views in life you could cause me to not want to have a beer with any of you ( can you drink legally Lost?). Hell, hopefully sledge and i hit up a game this year in Baltimore (Nov 5th im there in Nashville).

    My mom (RIP 4/22/17) raised me to be open minded, hear others opinions. Thats how you learn and grow as a person. Im not political per-say, but the interaction between each other is what interest me. Carry on.
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  11. Its crazy. ( and part of the reason I see no real good coming from a political thread on these boards)
    I have actually had two friends, actual legitimate we know each other in real life friends, "unfriend " me on Facebook after the election. Seriously makes me question ones definition of friendship.
  12. Very sorry about your mom Charles :(

    I never understood it either. I actually read online how a couple refused to marry because they disagreed over most of GWB's policies when he was in office.
    Over the internet, it is hard to convey tone. I know a lot of people have mistakenly thought I was upset or angry because of the words I use, but I can count on one hand how many times I was actually peeved. Perhaps we see a lot of that in threads like this? It can be hard to criticize something or an idea without criticizing the person....I dunno
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  13. Why don't you think Jeb is smart?

    Sir, you never answered my question. What has Trump accomplished?
    I have a lot of tolerance, but I do not have any tolerance for racism, sexism, and believing things that have no factual backing. That third part makes life hard sometimes. I try to be open minded, and I think I am. But when people formulate opinions that have no backing, that's just not logical. The idea of believing something without having the facts and the idea of dismissing an idea as false because you disagree are totally abhorrent to me. Like when people say "fake news" about something that is objectively true? I can't respect that. I can respect views on abortion, law enforcement, whatever. Hell, I respect many people who voted for Trump. But living in dream land is the fastest way to my ignore list. The truth is what the truth is.
  14. Alright here we go


    Campaign Promise 1: To replace Antonin Scalia with a like-minded justice from a list of 20

    • Trump replaced Antonin Scalia with Neil Gorsuch, an incredibly qualified and Constitution-abiding justice
    Campaign Promise 2: To suspend immigration from terror-prone countries

    • Trump has attempted to enact a Travel Ban that is 100% CONSTITUTIONAL AND is made from the seven (six, now) "countries of concern" outlined by the Obama Administration. This has been blocked by an extremely liberal Hawaiian judge who was appointed by Obama. (The blocking of this travel ban might piss me off more than anything that has happened during his presidency, because judges should be blind to politics, but that is proving to be false.) Hopefully this will go to the Supreme Court and be overturned quickly.
    Campaign Promise 3: To defund and crack down on sanctuary cities

    • Trump has implemented a HUGE crackdown on sanctuary cities, threatening to defund them
    Campaign Promise 4: To revive the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline

    Campaign Promise 5: To pull the US out of the TPP, an Obama-era trade deal detrimental to the US

    • Trump pulled us out of the TPP which would have been absolutely disastrous for the US

    Campaign Promise 7: To renegotiate, or pull out of Bill Clinton's terrible trade deal, NAFTA

    • Trump met with Justin Trudeau to discuss the tweaking of NAFTA to benefit the US more, after he threatens to leave it
    Campaign Promise 8: To undo ridiculous Obama-era federal agency regulations

    Campaign Promise 9: To rollback Obama-era regulations on small businesses

    • Trump has rolled back ridiculous Obama-era regulations that have made it nearly impossible for small businesses to hire employees

    • Trump has already saved taxpayers $86 Billion by cutting regulations
    Campaign Promise 10: To help America's inner-cities deeply in need of rebuilding

    • Trump has signed an Executive Order to give major funding to "Historically Black Colleges and Universities," helping out inner-cities immensely
    Campaign Promise 11: To protect our policemen, the true everyday heroes

    Campaign Promise 12: To crackdown on illegal immigration and to BUILD A WALL

    Campaign Promise 13: To bolster our depleted military

    • Trump has increased our military budget because we don't want to use our military, but want to be prepared to use it
    Campaign Promise 14: To enact a five year lobbying ban on government Officials after they leave office

    Campaign Promise 15: To crackdown on drug cartels and illegal drugs crossing the border

    Campaign Promise 16: To revitalize the dying coal industry in the US

    Campaign Promise 17: To create American JOBS and bring companies back to America

    • Trump negotiated a deal with Carrier promising to bring manufacturing and jobs back to the US.

    • Trump has met with CEOs from huge companies to work on bringing jobs back to America

    • There was an increase of 298,000 jobs in February alone

    • Trump met with Intel CEO who promised $7 Billion investment and over 3,000 high paying jobs in America

    • Trump met with the CEO of Softbank who has promised 50,000 more American jobs and has already fulfilled 3,000 of those jobs

    • Kroger has promised over 10,000 new jobs in the era of Trump

    • The month of March yielded 263,000 new jobs, which passes the month's estimated 185,000 Big League
    Campaign Promise 18: Pushing NATO allies to pay their fair share or face the reality of the US possibly leaving

    • Trump has put major pressure on the members of NATO to pay their fair and equal share because there are only a handful of countries in NATO who currently pay as much as agreed upon
    Campaign Promise 19: To make America energy independent, relieving us from our dependence on foreign entities, such as OPEC

    Campaign Promise 20: To enact a hiring freeze on government employees to help stop corruption

    • Trump enacted a hiring freeze to all federal employees, cutting down on the over-bloated bureaucracy
    Campaign Promise 21: Trump could be the president that takes us to Mars!

    • Trump signed a Bill allowing NASA funding, including an exploration to Mars
    Campaign Promise 22: To undo many of Obama's unconstitutional Executive Orders

    Campaign Promise 23: The repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The recent GOP fallout of AHCA Plan was no fault of Trump's. The blame solely belongs to Speaker Ryan. He created a bad bill and couldn't even capitalize to get enough votes. Obamacare will crash in 2017 when individual mandates kick in and Democrats will be to blame. That is when Trump will truly work to Repeal and Replace it with a plan he promised us.

    • Trump got rid of the idiotic penalty in Obamacare that fines you if you choose not to participate in the program
    Campaign Promise 24: To "Bomb the shit out of ISIS"

    • A few weeks ago, Trump dropped the HUGE MOAB on a group of ISIS militants, killing 90+ terrorists and causing damage to underground tunnels and technology

    • He called for a drone strike in Afghanistan killing Qari Yasin, a Pakistani Al-Qaeda leader
    Campaign Promise 25: To not take a salary as President

    Campaign Promise 26: To reform the VA and make it easier for Vets to get more healthcare opportunities

    • He signed A Bill allowing veterans to seek healthcare outside of the broken VA system

    • Trump has created the Accountability Office at the VA, making it incredibly easy to oust incompetent VA employees
    Campaign Promise 27: To create a much needed tax reform

    • Trump has laid out an extremely concise, yet effective Tax Reform Plan to lower taxes for Americans and end things like inheritance tax, and to cut corporate tax rates down to 15%
    Campaign Promise 28 (Scroll down to see "School Choice and Education Act"): To fix our country's incredibly broken education system

    • Trump has signed an Executive Order giving the power of our country's education back to state and local authorities

    1. (Even though it was Mike Pence) The defunding of clinics that perform abortions. Because no matter whether you are pro-choice/pro-life, the government should not be funding abortions. (Also, if people bring up the Hyde Amendment which is supposed to not let any federal funding go towards abortions, LET THEM KNOW that US taxpayers pay for about 24% of abortions despite of that "amendment")

    2. Huge spikes in the NASDAQ average index and the DOW average index starting November 8th.

    3. He has placed sanctions on Iran after they tested ballistic missiles

    4. He has met with/talked to over 68 foreign leaders

    5. He negotiated down the Price of the new Air Force One one billion dollars in a meeting that lasted just one hour

    6. He issued major cuts to the costs of the F-35 saving billions

    7. He has opened the eyes of the American public to just how unbelievably corrupt (pretty believable to most) the Obama Administration was.

    8. After spending 3 years in a prison in Egypt, and absolutely no help from President Obama, humanitarian and US citizen Aya Hijazi has safely returned home and has given all credit to President Trump
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  15. 34 small potatoes.

    I'm hardly considering his Supreme Court nomination an "accomplishment." That's like praising an usher for telling you where to sit. If the travel ban is so Constitutional, why haven't the courts approved it? I'll defer to them.

    On the third promise, they won't lose all Federal funding, just discretionary grants. Also, an argument that gets lost here is issue of resource allocation. Why should local police do the work of federal police, when it's "just another unfunded mandate"? Republicans hate unfunded mandates of all kinds, except when it pertains to illegal immigration, apparently.

    Not sure that reviving the Keystone Pipeline is an accomplishment either. It's only sustaining an unsustainable practice. I can't go through every single one, but Trump's moves on energy haven't been that great. He's done nothing to advance renewable energy. Oh, but he apparently brought thousands of coal miners back to work? Sure he did. But they'll be out of work (sadly) again in five years (or probably less) when the coal is gone. Meanwhile, entire towns in Germany are running on solar power, if only for a short time period.

    On TPP and NAFTA: withdrawing from TPP, I've read from economists cited in the Post and the Times, could cause our Walmart shopping to get more expensive. With NAFTA, didn't he pledge to leave day one?

    I'm not going to run through all 34 of these "accomplishments," because most of them are run of the mill tasks. Every day duties. You know, this is his job. Like omg, he's talked to over 68 foreign leaders. Wow. Gold star. Not like that isn't his job or anything. Sanctions on Iran? Wow. Nobody's thought of that before. Still waiting for him to do something that moves the country forward. Trying to bring back coal, when it's already dead by it's own doing, will not do that. You might say I'm moving the goalposts, since all I really asked is "what has Trump done?" That's fine. This is technically an accurate answer. But it just highlights that all he's done is the bare minimum.

    I dream of an alternate universe where Trump used his "honeymoon" to address tax reform and infrastructure -- two bipartisan issues that will actually help people immediately -- and then went on to address healthcare, after winning over some moderate Democrats in Congress.
  16. I dream of an alternate universe where Dems wouldn't be so intransigent but here we are.
    [doublepost=1495636521,1495636294][/doublepost]Every position seems to become partisan whenever Trump touches it. Even if they supported that stance a week or so before
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  17. You are right that a lot of things are just every day, part of the job tasks. But technically speaking, anything he does at all is just part of the job, so the question being asked really isn't all that clear.

    Withdrawing from TPP and NAFTA was one of the only things he has done so far that has been praised by both parties. I'm sure there are a few people here and there who might disagree, but they are the vast minority.

    Then of course there is the "muslim ban", which nobody peeped a word about when Obama did it, but when Trump does it, well....we saw how that went. Then when the hypocrisy is pointed out, there are vague answers about how "it's different".

    Anyway that list is too long to go through, all I can say is that Trump is performing pretty much as expected. He has done a lot of what he said he was going to do, and has predictably stumbled along the way. His real problem is the Republican party. Those ass clowns are too busy fighting with each other than they are interested in working with the president on getting real things accomplished.

    My biggest disappointment? He has yet to even touch anything regarding infrastructure. He says that it is better that the health care bill gets done first, for whatever reason.
    Yeah, that shit just makes me sick.
    "Comey is a vindictive, incompetent piece of crap. How is he still employed, especially after that Hillary thing during the election?"
    "Oh look, Comey must be this close to uncovering the grand Russian conspiracy, that's why he got fired!"
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  18. [doublepost=1495637767,1495637748][/doublepost]oops. quote didn't seperate

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