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The Well-Mannered Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by usmccharles, May 22, 2017.

  1. There are literally millions of millionaires just in the US alone (over five million). Being a millionaire isn't that special; but more to the point -- out of all those millionaires, how many of them turned it into billions?
  2. Fun fact- you're more likely to drop out of the social class you were born into than move out, but Merican Dream.
  3. I hope that isn't his reasoning; he's in the wrong career if he doesn't like multi-tasking. Then again, getting the Republicans to agree on anything long enough to pull out a pen and sign it is damn near impossible, so maybe that is the case.
    That makes Trump's "small loan" from his father and turning it into billions even more impressive :)
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  4. I don't think it's that he can't multi-task, it's just like you said in the bolded part. He wouldn't be able to get them to agree on anything if he didn't put his full resources onto a problem.
    Most people aren't willing to put in the work
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  5. On TPP and NAFTA: There are some who argue that we need trade deals like those to keep our consumer goods cheap. With automation and outsourcing, we're losing middle class jobs, and we need cheaper goods. Trade deals get you cheaper goods. Could they be negotiated better? Surely. But they are nowhere near as bad as anyone thinks. And, to quote the West Wing: "Free trade stops wars." With North Korean and Russian tensions rising, TPP would have strengthened relationships with several countries, including China, with whom we have a less-than-ideal relationship. TPP could have been big to build a coalition with China. Big league.

    On infrastructure: There is a coalition of over a dozen Congressional Democrats, including two, I believe, from Maryland, who wrote to Trump telling him "we will work with you on tax reform and infrastructure from day one. Let's do this." That he has abandoned that is disappointing. Like manufacturing, infrastructure investment is one of the best economic multipliers you can ask for. It directly creates low skill and high skill jobs, and it drives economic growth. Not to mention, our infrastructure is among the worst in the first world. We're decades behind most of the first world.

    I'll say Trump is doing better than I expected. He's held office past his first 100 days, and we're not at war -- with allies or enemies. My biggest fear about Trump is assuaged. I don't think the problems are all on the party either. I think that the party is split between trying to do exactly what Trump wants -- which would kill the deficit worse than ever before -- and tarting it out to do a more realistic plan.
  6. Yeah I can't express enough my disappointment on the infrastructure topic, ESPECIALLY since it was one of his big promises. That in my opinion, should have been priority 1A, day one stuff -- particularly from the guy who coined "Make America Great Again" and ran on a "America First" platform.

    Interestingly, war seemed to be the biggest fear with both candidates. Everyone (of HRC's critics) were certain we'd be at war with Russia before the year's end had she won. Everyone (of Trump's critics) were afraid he's going to start WW3.
    To that, I say, he still has over 3.5 years to accomplish that one LOL.

    I actually think he is doing okay, so far. Certainly not as bad as his approval ratings suggest. My reasons for voting for him:
    1a. Infrastructure
    1b. Infrastructure
    2. Getting rid of AHA
    3. Drain the swamp. I cannot stand the direction this country has taken over the past 10 years. I really liked Obama, the man. Obama, the president, he was a mixed bag. A lot of good things I can say for him. Just as many negative things. But the bathroom controversy and pronoun policing and taking PC to absurd new levels just destroyed his legacy in my eyes.

    So far, Trump has shit the bed with #1.
    #2 has been a joke. But in his defense, much of that blame doesn't even lie with him in my opinion.
    #3 Well, he has certainly changed the culture in the world of politics. I don't like the fact that he is still a crass, petty human being. But him being blamed for the division in this country is totally unfair. That division has always been there, made infinitely worse during Obama's run and now is coming to a head with Trump's election. The media and ignorant fools who believe everything they hear are to blame for that. This country is polluted with people who are convinced Hillary is a murderer and Trump is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist, fascist, and every other "ist" or "bic" in the book. Those people are to blame for the division, not Trump.
  7. You're most likely to stay in the same income bracket, so it's really not impressive.
    There's so many more factors than just putting in work that it's not even funny.

    I got a BS in Biochemistry in two years and I can't find a single lab that will hire me at the moment. Did I not put in the work?
  8. You don't think it is impressive to turn a few million into billions? Errr.....alright then....
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  9. How do you stand out against the other people looking into your same field?
  10. I actually feel sorry for Jeb. Clearly the smartest candidate yet his brother was so bad that no one gave him a chance.
  11. The rule with Jeb! is that you must always put an exclamation mark after his name
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  12. I know several who don't/think that they could do this. I'll tell you this, if I could pull that off I'd drop out of school right now.

    But that's moot. A lot of my viewpoints about trump are similar to The Raven. I wasn't afraid of him though. I was terrified of Hillary because I thought she was more likely to go to war than Trump and straight up couldn't be trusted.

    All in all. I don't think he's done terrible. But he's got another few years to prove me wrong.
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  13. Oh, you can't trust either of those two as far as you can throw them. To me, the difference between the two is that Trump has his heart in the right place. Of course, whether he is actually really helping the people he is trying to help is another discussion. But I don't question his intentions.

    And yes, everyone thinks they can flip a couple mil into big money. But, there are 5.1 million millionaires in this country. Only 540 of those 5 million turned that into $1B. That is literally 0.0001%; or one out of every million millionaires are able to achieve that. If doing something that only one in a million people can do is not impressive, obviously I need a new dictionary so that I can learn what impressive really means.
  14. Someone with the highest education in the world and a millionaire father to advise is able to make a profit? Crazy!

    Not to mention it was an established company from his father's grandmother and his father was chair member, so he really helped build upon an already empire-esque business model.
    And now you've hit on the issue of why "working hard" isn't enough.
  15. I think you know the difference between "making a profit" and making billions.
  16. See this isn't so bad

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  17. I'd argue making yourself stand out and making people want to hire you is the most important part of working hard to move up in society.
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  18. You should write Hallmark cards.

    Man, you've got this whole thing all figured out. If only people would just work hard.
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  19. Careful, remember this is supposed to be a "well mannered" thread. Don't want to overstep that do you? You'd make OP cry.
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  20. You are correct, people should be able to advance in life based on their actual ability and nothing else. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case in certain areas in America.
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