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The Well-Mannered Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by usmccharles, May 22, 2017.

  1. There are lot of mixed messages going through your mind, it's like you have no idea what you're talking about.

    And insane left??? That appears to be the only part of American society that is actually sane at the moment.
  2. that's patently false - the majority of BLM funds went to specific group causes that would help black lives in grassroots type places - the bail funds, the black trans lives organisations, victims families and advocacy groups

    very little BLM funds went to any party political organisations in any way at all

    the link you've posted suggests that almost all the defund the police donations went through that one site which is patently false

    and it's also spreading false information about ActBlue that came from one random conservative instagram post

    ActBlue is essentially a fundraising platform - it's facilitating fundraising not actually pocketing any money - they even have separate accounts for non-political funding

    the lists of top donors are not a list of people that actblue has itself donated to as if they were some sort of democratic Pac but actually a summary of the biggest fundraising campaigns hosted through their sites (it's no different to WinRed the "republican" equivalent)

    it's a site that allows small money donations to fundraise campaigns - it's one of the tools the democrats used in the 2018 midterms and the republicans have since created their own platform to do the same

    so unfortunately you've shared fake news

    BLM money is no more going to biden or sanders or warren as george floyd memorial money is going to the we the people built the wall fundraiser simply because they are both raised on gofundme...
  3. um players get to do that all the time and they often advocate with their local leaders - it literally happens with baltimore players all throughout ravens history

    its easy to use something in an election when you fix it - you get to launch yourself on a platform of fixing things - easiest platform to run on... much easier than vote for me the other guy is worse...

    if using problems (without solutions) to win elections was the only reason any governments or players etc. did anything then the democrats would have won every single US election since the 1960s simply on the basis of the appalling republican record on civil rights among other things...

    and democrats havent been campaigning for defunding the police before this election either (and biden isnt for it either) so not sure how that helps them win elections either...

    the logic doesnt make sense
  4. Sane has in asking China to run ELECTION INTERFERENCE? That's sane. This clip makes me wonder if the Dems and China are working together.

  5. What’s bizarre is anyone referring to Hillary Clinton as “left”
  6. Clinton left? Now I heard everything.
  7. Far Left would be a better term? What am I missing? The Democrat Party are known as the Left and the Republicans are known as the Right. She is a Democrat which makes her left, or is this more of a she is as left as Donald Trump is actually a Republican.

  8. Must be nice to think the sidewalk is your own personal property and not public property.... oh wait it is.
  9. You can call them whatever you want but DP policies are to the right of centre.
    GOP is supporting this fascist president, so they are far, far right.
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  10. far left? you having a laugh - she's on the political right wing in most countries except the US where she's still right of centre but the overton window is so far right in the US that your choices seem to be far right vs right (with the occasional marquee left policy promise)
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  11. I am not sure you understand the concept of the Overton window. It is what is politically acceptable to the mainstream on a particular issue. Therefore not being to the far right or far left. It would be more accurate
    to say you are always far left of the Overton window.

    You must be a huge NASCAR fan as they always turn to the left.
  12. you're misunderstanding - the overton window itself can shift as the range of acceptable policies and political opinions change - what im saying in the post you quoted is that the overton window in the US (i.e. the range of acceptable mainstream policies as vaguely agreed upon by the masses and media and politicians etc) is much further right than elsewhere in the world

    over time the overton window can shift so it is not accurate to say someone is always far to the left of the overton window

    the US has not this millennium for sure, but possibly never, had a left-wing candidate for presidential election
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  13. Police? Are there any laws left in US?
  14. Are you really implying democrats are sane? You must not live in California lol. Loony liberals are the reason why Trump will win again and I don’t even vote/affiliate with any party. The left have absolutely lost their minds
    #6015 JAAM, Jul 2, 2020
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2020
  15. did he say the democrats were sane?

    he said the left was sane - that's very much not the same thing as the democrats
    also i agree - if trump wins it will be the fault of liberals (again not the same thing as the left) - MLK famously said that the white liberal was one of the biggest obstacles to the struggle for civil rights because of their obsession with decorum and manners and etiquette and allowing change only when they are comfortable with it
    #6016 rossihunter2, Jul 2, 2020
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2020
  16. Sorry rossi. You’re right. Won’t happen again
  17. No, I'm implying democrats in the establishment are not left. You can't be left if you take donations from the rich and continually vote in policies for the rich.
  18. Yup. all they ever worried about is a window dressing. Their entire current campaign is based on trump because he is so embarrassing that it makes for uncomfortable convos over lates and egg whites.
    "Biden will read briefs on national security", "Biden can drink water using one hand"........They offer exactly ZERO beyond that and when clinton lost last time, they blamed disillusioned voters for not giving their votes. And they didn't vote because nobody offered anything.
    It's not just unimaginably low standard, there is no standard anymore. That's what Americans should be worried about, that trump or biden and GOP or DP are their only choices, while in reality it's not a choice, it's all the same.

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