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JoeyFlex Reaction Compilation

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by SepticeyePoe, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Disclaimer, I don't remember the context for the games for each comment. Tried to get some positive ones in too. Enjoy.


    Week 2 @ CIN:
    Week 3 vs DEN:
    Week 4 @ PIT:
    Week 5 @ CLE:
    Week 6 @ TEN:
    Week 7 vs NO:
    Week 8 @ CAR:
    Week 9 vs PIT:
    Week 11 vs CIN:
    Week 13 @ ATL:
    Week 14 @ KC:

    Do you have a favorite @JoeyFlex5 meme? Leave it in a comment below. And don't forget to like and subscribe for part 2.
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  2. Lmaooooo, these are gold
  3. My personal fave is the earlier in the year one (that many of us were guilty of):

    If we don’t win this week l truly think it’s over for us
  4. It’s now really a week-to-week league
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  5. Which means his reactions are only going to get MORE LIT.

    @DeVito52 @SepticeyePoe GRAB THE POPCORN. The playoffs are gonna be fun!!!!
  6. This made my day
  7. I'm guilty of the "Our season is over" comment after losing to the Steelers. Hence why I'm posting from the Pit of Misery as we speak.
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  8. Stfu peasant!!
  9. Boy I swear.........
  10. I'll be watching the WC game there with you.
  11. I hope none of these are made for me...
  12. The more, the merrier. Man, I'm so happy to be wrong. Any playoff win is a bonus to me.
  13. I'm excited cause Lamar and the young guys get a chance to now make this the standard. Can't beat this experience and getting to host a game. Perfect introduction. Only thing better... winning it.
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  14. You can’t do nothin bout it [profanity deleted].

    And you’re not allowed to come out until the playoff run is over.
  15. I like it @SepticeyePoe but a huge part of it being hilarious is the circumstance in which it happens, like the score still being super close and flex having his meltdown. When I got the time I was going to try to go in depth with it but I’m glad you took the time, even though you got this up super quick lol
  16. “Fuck my fucking ass with a grilling fork” lmaooooo
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  17. That guy really needs to chill tf out
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  18. Fine.
  19. Mods can we pin this so I can easily come back to it when I need a laugh
  20. The sad thing about this is that I’m pretty much this bad in person too... I have a real problem

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