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NFL Schedule Release

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by JO_75, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. I figure in a couple weeks or so we'll be discussing the schedules so I'll make the thread now along with the first scheduling news. The NFL has announced the Thursday Night Opener.

    To celebrate it's 100th Year, a NFC North clash will take center stage in Chicago. The Bears will host the Green Bay Packers on Sept 5th. The Super Bowl Champs will open up on Sunday Night Football.

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  2. My favorite part of the offseason
  3. Same this excites me a ton
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  4. I need to know when we’re playing the rams lol
  5. According to Jeff Zrebiec, Ravens made two requests on the preseason schedule. Ravens and Jaguars will hold joint practice sessions prior to a week one preseason game. They will also hold joint practices with the Eagles prior to the third preseason game.
  6. Harbs confirmed this in his breakfast presser today - unless anything changes we will probably be doing 2 joint training camp sessions pre-game for week 1 and 3 of the preseason (week 1 in baltimore vs the jags and week 3 @philly vs the eagles)
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  7. i'm gonna be choked if the seattle game is anything other than in that beautiful sunday 1PM PST spot
  8. Packers/Bears open on Thursday Sept 5th, meaning our first game will be played Sept 8th/Sept 9th. Now just basing off the Orioles schedule:

    Week 1: O's finish a home series against the Rangers on Sept 8th but are off Monday Sept 9th. Likely Ravens play on the road in week one.

    Week 2: O's in Detroit for a series with the Tigers meaning week two likely will be our first home game.

    Week 3: O's finish up a series at home against the Mariners. How cool would it be if we played the Seahawks(In Seattle) the same weekend O's play the Mariners(In Baltimore)?

    Week 4: O's finish a series in Boston, and again presents a weekend where Baltimore and Boston play each other in two different leagues. O's in Boston for the season finale, Pats in Baltimore?

    After that it's all up in the air.
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  10. News on Ravens Schedule:

    - Odell Beckham & Jamal Adams have hinted at seeing the 2019 schedule for their teams. Odell says it's funny how things work out and Jamal says see you week one. This means Browns vs Jets Week one, and could be the first MNF game as a way to pay tribute to the first MNF game which was Browns vs Jets.
  11. [​IMG]

    Browns and Ravens in Week 2 and 16 according to this. They also apparently play the Bengals in Week 17, which means we'd get the Steelers.
  12. Yep and probably in Pittsburgh too but it's the Steelers turn to come to Baltimore and either ruin our playoff hopes in some whacky final play or we manage to survive another week 17 and get into the playoffs like last year.

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  13. PFT is reporting that the NFL is considering a Triple Header for the Saturday before Christmas(Dec 21st, Week 16).

    The last two years, the Ravens have played on the Saturday before Christmas. In 2017, it was against the Colts and last year the Chargers. If that Browns leaked schedule is true, we are not playing on the Saturday before Christmas this season.
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  14. The NFL has announced that the Regular Season schedule will be released tomorrow night at 8PM.
  15. Not confirmed yet, but I found some leaks saying:
    Ravens have three prime time games.
    Week 6 @ Kansas City MNF
    Week 11 Houston SNF
    Week 15 Pittsburgh MNF
  16. Is week 15 the Christmas game?
  17. would fucking love week 15 and 17 against the steelers
  18. Interesting note about MNF is I believe those are locked in whereas that SNF could be flexxed if Ravens start to suck (and when Houston does as well)
  19. I'm surprised the NFL is giving us another MNF home game so soon. You think we have to wait 5 years again.

    Also Steelers visiting the Jets in Week 5 for Monday Night Football.
  20. Rumored Sunday night & Late Monday Night Primetime games to be repeats of the Championship Games. Also looks like we play the Dolphins in week 10.

    SNF: Chiefs at Patriots (AFC Title Game Repeat)

    MNF (Late) Saints at Rams (NFC Title Game)

    Ravens visit the Dolphins Week 10

    Thanksgiving Games:

    Bears @ Lions
    Dolphins @ Cowboys
    Eagles @ Vikings (NBC)
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