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    Greg Roman

    Where's Film Study on this one? Actually, its less about Film than statistics. There's a whole lot of parallels between Kaps 2012 and Baltimore Brady's 2018. Both came in mid season due to the starting QB's injury and the starting QB was never heard of again. When one looks into the Stats...
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    Greg Roman

    Interesting...didn't realize Roman was responsible for developing the Read Option with Kap, but then I did recognize it. If anybody really believes Baltimore Brady is a better passer than Tyrod Taylor, can you tell us where we can get some of what you're having???
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    End of Season Awards Polls

    Polls are ok. But you need a reality check. You've got a bunch of categories like we are the Patriots or something. What About Game of the Year that tore out your Heart, chewed it up and spit it out? Worst Single Play of the Entire Season? Starting Player most likely to be Cut? Most Overrated...
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    Lamar Jackson

    We get so "hopeful" here and anticipate with such optimism, that I thought it worthwhile to illustrate one must be leave room for disappointment when wearing the "rose colored glasses". Obviously, I believe that the Yahoo Sports Forum more evenhandedly discussed Baltimore Brady's talent and...
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    Lamar Jackson

    A "general" Yahoo Sports story was read by general Yahoo Sports readership and commented upon by same. If you read the comments, they were overwhelming negative of Baltimore Brady's chances at remotely accomplishing his goal. (That's being kind, many of them considered the talent and his stated...
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    Lamar Jackson

    Actually, on that board I'm "Barry McKaulkiner" but also find it amazing that someone there held nearly my same views. But don't think that's a coincidence and believe its someone that has likely read my views here. Though have posted those same key points on other boards as well. Ok the two...
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    Lamar Jackson

    Yeah...Regarding the "I'm gonna be The Baltimore Brady"...guess you can't knock having confidence. However, confidence alone is not gonna get it done. Thought the Board might be interested in the unaffiliated opinions of "general" fans I found on Yahoo Sports. The story runs and then at the...
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    Lamar Jackson

    Love your analysis of Flacco being "formed" into "Check down Charlie". They took a Howitzer and tried to turn him into a poker table Derringer. The more they tried to get him to "Brain the Game", the worse he got. Worse yet, they never understood his vulnerabilities and they pulled the rug...
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    Lamar Jackson

    Preston isn't praising Jackson and is getting huge grief from "The Faithful". Preston isn't calling Lamar a Bust, (How can he after going 6-2), Preston is merely saying "Accuracy" is like "Good Hands"...you have them or you don't...they both are not Coachable. When Jackson tries to fire a ball...
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    The Random Thought Thread

    So Yanda "pulled" on a few Roll Out Passes and the numbers are essentially correct! So we have a "Right Handed" running game. What does that tell us? Especially with the revelation that Stanley can't line up square on both Running and Passing plays without compromising his ability to Pass...
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    The Good, The Bad and The O-Line Thread - Wild Card Round vs Chargers

    It's going to be interesting. Keeping the game "Simple" for Jackson was definitely part of the coaching. We did finish 6-1 with him in there. However, we won a Championship with a Quarterback we cut the next year. If the rest of your team is good enough, you can win with a non conventional...
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    Lamar Jackson

    Lamar got the team to the Playoffs. He has rare athletic ability, (quick and nimble as a cat). This is the NFL and that athleticism does not change my opinion of where this ultimately will end up. The "Shock Value" of "Run Lamar Run" caught the League by surprise. By the second "Go Round" with...
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    Thank You

    Thank You
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    Next Up: @Titans

    We may have the overall best defense in the league, at least factored by points against. Lets see, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Denver, Pittsburgh, Cleveland...yeah its been very stingy. That stated, we have some monumental weaknesses in our D. Tavon Young is clearly playing at a higher level than...
  15. RayRayRaven

    The Defense, the Offense, and the Crabtree....

    Flacco was throwing for the Tight End on the out pattern. Your analysis of him missing the wide open slot Tight End when Crabtree had one of his drops was poignant. Have always believed Flacco is not reading a defense and your post illustrated it again. Still, he's the best we have and...