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The Ravens, the Dolphins and the Dolphins

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by NaturalBornHitters, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. He’s got happy feet big time and you saw that today even in a clean pocket
  2. Have to say, I was happy with the killer instinct the coaching showed today. We kept the pedal to the metal until the very last play when we finally took a knee.
  3. I think this was the most fun regular season game I've ever watched in our teams history. I remember being real hyped when Joe torched Tampa, and when our defense was picking off opponents 5 times a game for multiple weeks in a row, but today was special. Obviously Lamar showed what his ceiling looks like. A player capable of a perfect passer rating and the ability to carve up defenses at will. I doubt he plays like that every week but we don't need him to. I am really appreciative of his hard work and additionally Roman's play calling. 2 biggest upgrades in my opinion from last years offense. Receivers and running backs closely behind. Only worried about Jimmy. Watkins looked unstoppable today
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  4. yes, that he's always had. Unfortunately he never really had good coaching until he got here. As a rookie they just designed an offense to fit his strengths, but he never really had the vision to be a pocket passer and he was awful reading defenses.
  5. THIS AND ALL OF THIS! Fuck the Dolphins!
  6. Yeah, definitely. The offense looked very different without Lamar. Granted, we pulled other guys as well at that point, but he wasn't anywhere near as good or smooth or comfortable. Then again, he did miss a lot of time with that injury so eh. Hey, I hear Nick Foles is out. Maybe Jacksonville wants a QB lol.
  7. I definitely thought about that, but I doubt we trade him.
  8. I'm just going through other team's forums and Jaguars fans are talking about the possibility of trading for RG3.
  9. that doesn't surprise me
  10. Fans talking?
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  11. Th
    theyre better off keeping the rookie
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  12. Yes Roman ... I managed to forget that Marty ever existed. The top play of the day for me was the slant. Our play action to the right totally cleared the middle of the field so that if Brown got by his guy he was gone.

    Will be interesting to see how teams react to Lamar throwing. If he can be what he was today consistently we are going to cause some problems for the rest of the league.
  13. I found this interesting:

    "I'm not looking to go somewhere and be a bridge or be there for a season and then go somewhere else. I'm looking for stability ... a great situation. For me right now, Baltimore is the best situation."

    Seems hes not that confident that he can keep a starting position for more than a year? the Foles situation is perfect for him and he can build his free agency value
  14. Yeah I don’t get that. He’s in his 8th year. I would think he would be looking for any opportunity to elevate his value.
  15. I guess now that Hollywood has done something in the nfl nobody can say Chris Moore is better
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  16. S.T's played well, decent coverage and fumble recovery by Bethel.
    I noticed two times where Trawick was in on defense. We have Clark and Elliott who can play big nickel and I don't recall them pulling Thomas or Jefferson that early.
  17. Hollywood only needs 50 more yards to beat Chris moore’s 2018 yards total... lol
  18. I’m sure he’d love to be a full-time starter but I wonder if with his young family and the nice setup and stability we have here whether he’s happy where he is right now at least until he hits free agency
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  19. He needs to match his week 1 yardage 3x throughout the course of the season and his week 1 TD output once to essentially outgain his whole career lol

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