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Next Up: @ Bengals

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ludy51, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. If we lose this game...
  2. Just put Marlon, Peters, Jimmy, and Thomas on AJ all game and we got this
  3. would be ironic if we gave an undefeated team their 1st loss and followed it up by giving a winless team their 1st win

    this team's pretty grounded though and even better than it was the first time we faced the bengals

    we get to play a rookie qb with no nfl snaps in his first start on a team with no wins and probably very little crowd support on debut - like im nervous as i always am when we play a lesser team but since we last played the bengals we've added depth and experience to our front 7, got healthy and acquired marcus peters - we have 2 extra high quality corners vs the last time we played them, we've got hollywood (who missed the last matchup also), we've got peanut back

    and on top of all that lamar is starting to tear apart teams - not only that but the bengals have the league's worst rushing defence and we put 270 rushing yards on them last time we played and rushing travels well

    they also had a special teams td on the first play from scrimmage which was the only thing that kept the game even remotely close

    im worried about this game because i always worry
    but im also not worried at all
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  4. Bengals can't stop our run game, we got the defense to stifle whoever is starting at QB.

    We should win this game. I don't like being arrogant and cocky but we should definitely win.
  5. Couldn't have said that any better lol
  6. Is it really confirmed that AJ will play in this game. I cant imagine hes gonna play hard or a lot since it's his first game back and that he playing for an 0-8 team.

    The fact that were playing against a 1st time starter has me excited for our secondary

    ET, Peter's, Humphrey, and Smith should just everything lol.

    Also wink will give him tons of looks to confuse him into seeing ghosts.
  7. Is he really playing in this game?
  8. That's what I've been hearing, but I'm sure they'll keep it up in the air until right before the game.
  9. I would love this game for us to really attack the field using Lamar's arm
  10. i would too but we might not have to at all - bengals literally cant stop the run in any way shape or form
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  11. I just dont want to see Lamar run much. Keep the tread off his tires for when we need them
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  12. I loved Lamar's first TD run where he basically "Prime Timed" into the end zone
  13. reckon we're going to activate anyone off IR?
  14. not sure we can... only guy eligible to return right now is imam marshall but hes still got a couple of weeks to practice before we have to decide and with a fully healthy CB corps i dont think we bring him back unless we know he's an upgrade on averett or canady at 5th/6th corner and make plays on special teams...

    brynden trawick would be the next guy but he's not available to return for a few games yet at the earliest i think...
  15. I do believe that is who it will end up being. Of course you can bring back two guys, so Iman Marhsll could be one of those guys and he is practicing. However, I agree, I think he ends up staying on IR.
  16. Oh you want another Dolphins game lol. I'm in the same boat.

    My only worries in this game is that the Bengals had 2 weeks to prepare and we have no film really on their new QB. I also would like to see less designed Lamar runs since we're playing a team with nothing to lose. Thank goodness the dirty Burfict isn't around since I could see him taking a cheap shot.
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  17. Please for the love of god just take care of business and don’t lay an egg it would be so Ravens like to do so
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  18. Bengals? W
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  20. Lol I was not thinking a 5 TD game

    I was thinking more of a 300 yard passing game with 2-3 tds in the air 60 yards rushing and a rushing TD
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