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General Draft Thoughts

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. I'm in the middle of mock draft via another message board. I'm representing the Ravens. I'll post my results when it's done.
  2. Here's my latest mock

    1. Bengals- Joe Burrow QB
    2. Redskins- Chase Young Edge
    3. Lions- Jeff Okudah CB
    4. Giants- Mekhi Becton OT
    5. Dolphins- Tua Tagovailoa QB
    6. Chargers- Justin Herbert QB
    7. Panthers- Isaiah Simmons LB
    8. Cardinals- Tristan Wirfs OT
    9. Jaguars- CJ Henderson CB
    10. Browns- Jedrick Wills- OT
    11. Jets- CeeDee Lamb WR
    12. Raiders- Jerry Jeudy WR
    13. 49ers- Henry Ruggs WR
    14. Buccaneers- Andrew Thomas OT
    15. Broncos- Derrick Brown IDL *biggest steal of the draft
    16. Falcons- Javon Kinlaw IDL
    17. Cowboys- Cesar Ruiz IOL
    18. Dolphins- Josh Jones OT
    19. Raiders- Jordan Love QB
    20. Jaguars- K'Lavon Chiasson Edge
    21. Eagles- Justin Jefferson WR
    22. Vikings- Denzel Mims WR
    23. Patriots- AJ Epenesa Edge
    24. Saints- Patrick Queen LB
    25. Vikings- Kristian Fulton CB
    26. Dolphins- D'Andre Swift RB
    27. Seahawks- Lloyd Cushenberry IOL

    28. Ravens- BPA according to TDN in order is Mckinney (S), Delpit (S), Taylor (RB), Dobbins (RB), Murray (LB), Gladney (CB), Gross-Matos (edge), Higgins (WR), Gallimore (IDL), Baun (edge)

    In this scenario it comes down to Mckinney, Higgins, Gallimor or Baun

    It doesn't fill the biggest need but here I go with Xavier Mckinney. Lets face it , the Ravens also get obliterated with injuries in the secondary every year as well. In this case though I could see Murray being the pick

    28. Ravens- Xavier Mckinney S
    29. Titans- Zack Baun edge
    30. Packers- Jalen Reagor WR
    31. 49ers- Jeff Gladney CB
    32. Chiefs- Jonathan Taylor RB
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  3. if the first round played out that way, the top 2 rated players on my board at 28 would be Xavier McKinney who i have as the 16th best player in the draft and Justin Madubuike who i have as the 17th rated player in the draft - so my board would agree with the McKinney pick

    I also have Delpit at 20th, Marlon Davidson at 21st, Jalen Reagor at 26th, Ross Blacklock at 27th and Austin Jackson at 28th

    McKinney was the clear right answer I think if the board fell that way according to my board... good pick!
    #663 rossihunter2, Mar 25, 2020 at 5:07 PM
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020 at 7:12 PM
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  4. Im officially crazy about Epenesa.
  5. was about to ask for your insights on him then realised that you'd done a video...
    ill watch the video then lol
  6. @Edgar - im kind of with you at this point - i've got 1 bigger concern and 1 smaller concern...

    the bigger concern is about how he processes and reads in the running game and im surprised you've seen him called an elite run defender because ive always been disappointed with how he plays the run throughout his tape - lots of inconsistencies, poor pad level, slow processing/not finding the football but the occasional great flash

    and my concern is that it prevents him seeing the field as a pass rusher especially with guys like Calais Campbell in the building

    my smaller concern is just to do with how abysmal his athletic testing was - i go back to the tape and love the dominant traits but the testing did make me worry about what i perceive as a problematic stiffness in his game that potentially limits how he translates as an EDGE rusher

    from the beginning ive always loved him as a 3T but been worried about him as a 3 down player - some of those concerns have been alleviated but i still worry about the running game aspects and the processing issues given how jaylon ferguson got taken advantage of for similar reasons earlier in his starting career
  7. If the draft turned out that way, I'd be a little disappointed. Not to say your mock is bad. It seems pretty reasonable. I've changed my tune on receivers. I only have 5 that have a first round grade.
    If they are all of the board and so are Queen and Ruiz, I'm not sure what the move would be. I think it likens the ability to take Murray which would be a bad thing.
  8. so just had the most ridiculous TDN mock draft where the BPA ended up being an OL at 5 separate picks - after the first 3 i had to just stop picking the OL guy lol - and then i ended up with 3 WRs in stead lol

    so this is the mostly-BPA draft (BPA at least for the first 6 picks)

    28: Cesar Ruiz, C
    55: Austin Jackson, OT
    60: Bryce Hall, CB
    92: Troy Dye, LB
    106: Tyler Johnson, WR
    129: Shane Lemieux, OG
    134: Gabriel Davis, WR
    157: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR
    225: Chris Orr, LB
  9. I see a pass rusher anywhere you line him up. The combo of he and Campbell getting after the QB is really tantalizing. Right now he is coached up to shoot more than read and react . I like him better as a rusher than I do a run defender but that will come. He has stuff you just can't coach and I think that will end up translating to the run game. Great hands...I mean great hands. Reminds a bit of the guy from San Fran a few years back...Justin? I think he'll bring more heat and prove more versatile though.

    It was a ravens you tube guy that I heard say he was elite. I hadn't really watched him thoroughly until the past two days.
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  10. I like this one..except for our pick.. id be mad af if we took him

  11. I don't love the pick either, just went BPA.

    Who would you take if the draft falls that way?

    If it's a receiver EDC wants, which I think may be the case, he may need to jump to 20th. Question is what does that require if you're Jacksonville
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  12. I am a massive fan of AJ Epenesa. Him or Javon Kinlaw dropping to us, ideally without requiring a trade up, would be such a steal. If we get Greenard as well, I think I’d be delirious with happiness.
  13. Idk have the slighest idea on how to evaluate pass rushers lol but im sure one of them gotta be a better prospect than xavier..ive always been a fan of reagor though so id go him or even a rb..
  14. Yea youre right for sure.. we may have to
    Move up to 20 just to get mims..
  15. yeah the prospect of him as part of our rush package literally anywhere on the LoS with how much we blitz and with campbell, judon already there as part of that blitz rush he could have a high impact pass rushing year as a rookie because he's got those heavy hands and the ability to take on half a man when he's rushing

    i think it was one of the most important things in my ability to scout and watch pass rushers for the NFL vs just effectiveness in college to hear Matt Patricia talk about pass rushing at the senior bowl and how everything you do as a pass rusher must come with power because even as an elite speed rusher you're going to be coming into contact with the OL at some point in the rush because the athletes at OL are as good as any speed rusher and it's how you deal with that contact and how you use your power that will determine how effective you are in the pros no matter what your pass rush style is

    AJ Epenesa flashes that trait more consistently than anything else on his tape - everything he does is with force and heavy hands and violence - no matter what rush he is undertaking
  16. AJ with Greenard seems unrealistic but at the some time amazing so far as a pass rush.
    Judon...Campbell...AJ.....Greenard with our secondary? Thats pretty great.

    another later round option. Perhaps AJ in the first with either of these two in the 3rd

    Judon.....Campbell....AJ.....Taylor or Kareem
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  17. I understand why the NFL wants to go ahead with the draft on its original dates and as a fan im ecstatic that one of my favourite weekends of the year is still happening when it was supposed to...

    but this might be the first year in a long time where a pick gets skipped because a team missed the 10 mins or because communication issues prevented the picks coming in on time

    it may mean we see fewer trades because teams dont want to get close to the clock at the end

    we shall see - i dont like that scouts dont get the full data they might have but the fact that we've had very little fundamental turnover in our front office through the last decade and beyond and the way our scouting department is run means that we may have an advantage this year over some other teams especially with small school type guys and combine snubs...

    those are the guys this scouting department made a living off early this century and that advantage has slowly disappeared as the process has become more transparent - but it might be back this year idk - just speculating
  18. What information are the scouts missing from the players? as far as communicating with the players are we talking about? I know physicals and prodays are def hurting scouts though
  19. So from 2011-2018 I spent half of march looking at draft profiles, film, and reading mocks. I never once got a first round pick right. Honestly pretty sure the only top 3 round picks I did get right were damned Carl Davis and Tyus... Anyway, last year I was extremely busy and barely looked at anything.. guessed us getting Hollywood only cuz he worked with my friend at an amusement park lmao.

    Anyway, screw trying to guess our pick at 28 because I'd bet all my toilet paper we won't pick at 28.
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  20. What you should do this year - pick Murray for us in 1st.
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