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Around the NFL: News and Rumors

Discussion in 'Other NFL Teams' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 5, 2017.

  1. I am 100% confident Wentz will be better in Indy than Philly. The question is how much. I can't see Indy has like an elite group of weapons, because they don't. And Hilton may not even return.

    That being said... even with a ? at LT, they'll have qualify Oline play, they can obviously run the ball, and they'll have a pretty good defense. He may ended up falling into much more of a "game manager" type role, as I can't imagine Indy wants him throwing it 40+ times a game. But I think you'll see a much improved player.
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  2. Well this is interesting.... and the Panthers have been clearing out cap space in the last couple days. Incoming Watson mega trade to Carolina?

  3. I think we've all been there JJ Watt.

  4. Would love to see Watson exit the AFC and head to Carolina. Having lived in Camp Lejeune for many years I became a pseudo panthers fan.

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  5. JJ, what the fuck is taking so long? Do you need help moving? I don't live in Maryland or anywhere near the state but I'm sure I can help.
  6. I don’t blame him for taking his time, this is his last shot at big money or a ring. Unfortunately considering most contenders cap situations I don’t think he’ll get both.

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  7. for anyone who's interested I'm about 80% sure this is a burner account for someone decently high up in the Texans's front office...


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  9. the account was created only 2 weeks after nick caserio joined the texans lol
  10. In fairness, whoever's account this is, his points are actually pretty spot on. I doubt its a burner, but if it is, so be it.

    I see a lot of people in the media trying to race bait or play some sort of narrative comparison about how JJ Watt gets released immediately after requesting out, but somehow Watson gets kept. Its an unintelligent take from pretty much every possible angle when you do that.

    One player is nearly 32, has had a crap load of injuries in the last several years, and had one, non-guaranteed, $17.5M year left on his deal.
    The other player is a generational-type QB, put pen to paper on a very lucrative 4-5 year long term extension like less than 12 months ago, still has over $45M in guaranteed money left on his deal, with about about another $37M in "practical guarantees", and is 26.

    Not exactly the apples to apples comparison you're looking for when trying to explain why one player gets cut and the other gets nothing.

    And for those asking... well why not trade Watt? Well, half the league (literally) doesn't have the cap space to take on a $17.5M cap charge for 2021 presently, and that pool would likely only decrease as we move closer to the league year. So at least 50% of the teams, including several teams being "discussed" as landing spots (Steelers, Titans, Bills, Packers) are out of the running immediately.

    Teams don't typically trade for a) players they can't afford and/or b) players they know they can sign in FA at the price they want, rather than the price some other team wants.
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  11. im not arguing that specific point or whether the points it's making in general are valid

    just saying if you go through the account's tweets and replies a looks a lot like a burner account
  12. Could be. It wouldn't surprise me. I frequently don't really blame them for doing such either. They're basically not allowed to publicly criticize fans for being stupid (which millions of them are), so while I wouldn't do it, I could see the rationale for it.
  13. i just find it funny when you see people in those positions decide to anonymously defend their decisions like that lol
  14. True. It wouldn't be my style.

    That being said... he can't win. He's not allowed to defend his positions in person or with his name on it, because he'll get criticized for that. And if he does so anonymously and "gets caught", he gets criticized for that too.

    Basically according to society, his position only allows for one way criticism. He can't criticize others, but he's allowed to be criticized as frequently as society would allow. There's obviously a level of hypocrisy in there that is stunning in its own right.
  15. i mean i get that but... it's not like that's not inherent with the job - it's a job with media commitments within an industry that's built around fan participation and engagement and competition... that's a natural recipe for criticism

    and tbh im not sure that he's not allowed to defend his positions in person - the ravens front office and coaching staff frequently reject criticisms they don't agree with in media commitments and it's the same with tons of other organisations
  16. Seems like a strange situation with Isaiah Wilson....

  17. I'll be gutted if we lose Yannick. I spent a good amount of #SIIE energy in him dammit lol.
  18. I’d like to keep Yannick as well but at what price? I’m not sure he provides enough value to match offers other teams are capable of making.

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