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Free Agency: Signings, Cuts, Trades

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by RavensMania, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. I don’t see the logic behind a Jamal Adams trade. He’s obviously hitting the market when his deal is up, we can pursue him then which coincidentally is around the time we should be expecting to move on from earl thomas
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  2. But would you really be mad if EDC made a trade for him? Lol
  3. Actually I think I would, like yeah he’s a great addition, but with Stanley and Humphrey coming up for extensions and with us having the leagues best secondary and already having 2 starting safeties and more young guys with great potential, it just feels like a move that would not improve the team enough to justify the cost. Pay the same cost for an edge rusher, wr, or iOL, then I’m all for it, but you can’t invest all the resources into the secondary and have a complete team
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  4. I agree with you in regards to paying the same cost for a pass rusher, but, there’s no one out there that would have the same impact as Jamal who might be available, who might I add is only 24 years old. His diversity alone would make Wink salivate. You can almost play him at any position that’s not on the defensive line. My thing is, if you want to beat the Chiefs, you load up in the secondary and stop the pass. Our front 7 is already well equipped to get pressure on Mahomes, but you add a guy like Jamal and there’s nowhere to throw. I think that’s what EDC wants. He already showed interest in Jamal before the trade deadline, which shows me he wants to beef up the secondary before the the pass rush since it’s a passing league and we have Mahomes and Watson in our conference. And to be completely blunt with an unpopular opinion, I’d pay Jamal what he wants before Marlon since we already have MP. BUT, coming back down to earth, I know EDC can be aggressive, but Jamal is simply a luxury at this point, and one we simply can’t afford. I do believe the rumors though. There’s no reason for us to drive up his cost if the only competition is Dallas.
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  5. If adams was a center fielder; i wouldnt mind trading for him tbh but since he is not and we have stanley along with hump we have to resign, ill pass
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  6. our situation cap wise etc. means we arent bringing in jamal adams but...

    he'd be the perfect safety for wink's system right now
  7. Adams wants to get paid now. We already have clark and Thomas no way we're paying a 3rd S. Adams is a dawg, true leader. But I'm not sending over a 1st and 3rd for a box safety
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  8. im not saying we should or would trade for him or anything like that - just remarking that he's literally the perfect safety for wink's defence
  9. I don’t know whether or not it’ll happen, but there’s certainly smoke around the Ravens and Adams. Almost got him at the deadline reportedly and now the rumour mill is swirling again.

    I’ve seen the Chiefs might be interested, maybe EDC is interested and also trying to drive the price up on KC
  10. Nah this is no ploy, this is a long running saga, the ravens want Adams bad, they just know the logistics don’t work. I bet they wish like hell they held off on earl thomas right about now because they probably see a price on the table that they would jump on but they can’t because of earls contract
  11. i agree with this fully

    earl thomas was still a good move and he played well for us - but making a move a little bit like the steelers did with minkah for jamal adams would have been awesome for this defence...

    the only thing is that chuck clark might not have had the chance to emerge and the first 4 games of the year might have been even worse with Tony Jefferson being asked to take even more split safety coverage looks

    but jamal adams is literally the perfect safety for this system - maybe derwin james also
  12. Derwin James is the holy grail for Wink skill wise, but Jamal Adams seems more like harbaughs kinda guy and is also an incredible fit for this defense.

    in hindsight honey badger would’ve been the best addition possible last offseason. He’s another perfect fit here
  13. i dont see honey badger as good of a fit - obviously would be great to have him but he's a different kind of position versatile to the other guys we like

    honestly - us bringing in weddle and having he and wink design the defence together with sizzle has changed what this organisation looks for in safety play

    we were always able to rely on hall of fame play on the backend from Reed and it meant i think we loved the idea of the free-roaming safety too much

    weddle i think showed us that in our scheme we can be so much more position versatile and aggressive if we have positional versatility and the ability for our safeties to play all over the field in all different spots - reed could do that for us but we didnt ask him to so much
  14. Honey badger is man, zone, robber, deep thirds, blitz, all that. He’s the ideal “free” safety for winks defense as in he’s got the coverage ability but is very versatile and can cover many different ways. As long as you allow wink to use crazy different looks, you’re a good fit, I don’t think you necessarily have to be an attacking downhill type safety
  15. that's certainly fair enough
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  17. So Browns have the biggest offer for clowney on the table... aw shit
  18. dont worry, we got antonio brown whos a better WR than Clowlney is OLB.
    Stanley and Brown jr will handle clowney. Clowney is good but he's not special. hes a bit better than judon
  19. Cant stop clowney from doing clowney. judon can be shut out from the whole game where clowney will make his plays regardless..Well thats if he still playing the seattle role.
  20. You think we will get AB? One of my three fav wrs of all time but idk if thats a good idea
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