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Signings, Cuts, Trades

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by RavensMania, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. oh for sure. A Anthony Miller signing won’t move the needle. I’m just saying I’ll be pumped.

    Maybe that’s just how low my expectations are now in regards to WR acquisitions.

  2. I'd much rather just see Duvernay and Proche play, honestly
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  3. This was the same reach I made as well when I saw the post.
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  4. Lamar, Hollywood, and AB all working out together again. Maybe they can get Watkins in there too! I would want the Ravens to sign AB only in the following scenario. One he's legally cleared of everything and appears to be straightened out. And two, Lamar really advocates for him. I think Lamar would know better than anyone if he's going to make a big difference for us. If he thinks that and he's got his head on straight and we can afford it, let's give em a go.
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  5. Don't see Eric giving him the contract he's looking for. My guess is we're done at wr until the draft.
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  6. I mean either way they are going to wait because they would not want him to count against the comp pick formula and it is not as though they need to worry about AB not putting in the time to be great (for all his faults his work ethic is beyond reproach).
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  7. it would be following the draft, so it doesn't count.
  8. not a skill position she specified - so not just AB but no skill position guys at all - that's why i instantly thought clowney or ingram
  9. I have a feeling who it's gonna be:

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  10. AB looks ridiculously quick in that video. Quicker than Lamar and Hollywood and he’s damn near 10 years older. Hard worker
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  11. I don’t think it would happen if that were the case unless we wait till day fucking 3 to select a WR
  12. Clowney then. It’s worded as if it’s one of those visits that would please the masses, I feel like the masses barely know who tf Melvin Ingram is
  13. AB ain’t no damn slouch and I sincerely believe he would be an answer, even if it’s just for a season, he would MAKE this passing game.
  14. Exactly what I think. I’d love to have him here
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  15. I'd love to have Melvin Ingram in Baltimore.
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  16. Gonna pass on AB. The guy is a ticking time bomb ready to explode. Add him to this limited passing offense and to a young locker room, devoid of Brady’s ultimate leadership, and this could end in fire.

    Ultimately though, it doesn’t matter because if the Ravens really wanted him here, he would’ve been here before now
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  17. Now this I can get onboard with
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  18. AB imo is a top wr of all time easily and one of my favs.. id love to have him but i think that would put too much pressure on lamar and our passing game. somebody for sure is gonna be unhappy! AB just won a SB and has a lot left in his tank, he likely wants to go somewhere like packers to showcase that he is still cant be guarded. If we did sign him lol, id be too happy. all them florida boys on one team lol
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  19. I think its a risk worth taking if we did sign him but if we didnt thats cool too..

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