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Divisional Round Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. The Titans put up 35 against the Chiefs this year and Henry ran for 188 yards. Your defense is far superior to KC's defense, so I have no idea why you think a weaker defense than either the Ravens or Pats is suddenly going to own the Titans offense. The Chiefs will have to put up points to beat the Titans, which they might very well do, but they arent going to own the Titans offense. The Chiefs also have to get past the Texans first though, who beat them on the road this year.
  2. We lost due to turnovers and a young QB's zeal to do it all by himself and the drops by multiple receivers in key moments. This was a classic game of 'turnovers can doom you'. Lamar did all he could to try and win it all on his own, but he is but one man. I just feel so bad for the kid. He wanted it so badly but couldn't get it done. I'm also proud of the way Hollywood performed in the bright lights.

    That first INT and the TD that was bum assisted changed the momentum of this game. Lamar alone had well over 500 yds of offense but still it didn't matter. Just sucks for the Ravens, but we'll be back next year better and stronger than ever. We'll beef up our weaknesses (EDC and Ozzie will assure that) and Lamar will be even more improved from this year because his ceiling is so damn high.

    That's all I had to say. Now I'm getting back to grieving.
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  3. congratulations on your win, you totally outplayed us yesterday as we weren't on our game. I'm not saying that to discredit your win at all, because you manhandled us. You absolutely have a chance to beat the Chiefs.
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  4. I thought the playcalling was questionable too. Roman has several games this year where I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to do but it was covered up by winning and no one really talked about it. We looked like a shell shocked coaching staff as much as anything. Roman called the game like he was panicked imo. I think the ravens still had a great chance of winnng the game in the 3rd when it was 14-6 and rather than take the field goal to make it 14-9, we went for it for the second time on 4th and short and failed. Aside from the line getting completely dominated we refused to use our bruiser RB in Edwards and we refused to try and get Lamar into space where he could operate. The Titans knew what was coming and clogged the middle. It was predictable. And when the game was actually only a scores difference with 20 minutes of game time remaining it felt like we completely abandoned any gameplan we had coming in and just started winging it. Of course it hurts that the receiving corps is really average to below average. The best thing that came out of last night is we can speak honestly about personnel. I’ve been saying all year that the Ravens needed to get Lamar a legit #1 WR with the prototypical build and speed to match. Boykin but with physicality, hands and aggression. We do not have that. Hollywood is small and has to avoid contact to stay healthy. His size puts him at a disadvantage on deep balls and makes throws like the one Lamar hit him with before the end of the half nearly impossible.
  5. Too many errors to count frankly. But, again can you blame Harbs that 4th down had worked more than 75% of the time earlier in the season? It was just a confluence of events that doomed us. Not one call or one play but several calls and several plays at inopportune times did us in. It wasn't meant to me as the football Gods were pissed at us all night.
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  6. i supported the call then and still support it now
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  7. And THAT's the truth!

    I'm not nor can you defend that mess we saw the other night. The team with the "best" NFL record (14-2) with a 12 game win streak, AFC North Division Champions (back to back), with the league MVP and that broke all types of records in the .......REGULAR SEASON.......looked and played like pure :poop::poop::poop: at home and on primetime and got bounced and trounced out of the playoffs in their FIRST ROUND for the second year in a row by the #6 seed in the AFC!


    Got to give those boys their respect and stop trying to detract from their dominance of the Baltimore Ravens! It happened!
  8. Requesting this thread be deleted.
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  9. Was really hoping to see a championship game thread right about now
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