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Divisional Round Tennessee Titans @ Baltimore Ravens

Discussion in '2019 Game Threads' started by rossihunter2, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. In addition to a lot of other bad football
  2. I think by definition, the other team doesn't force drops (otherwise those would be PBUs). You take away the drops alone, keep the 4th down failures, and I still think you have a different ballgame. Of course, we will never know
  3. Jonnu is an extremely athletic TE. Does he make that play evey time? No. Is he more than capable of making that play? Yes. But that wasnt a Raven mistake, that was a great pass and catch by the Titans. That was a moment of the Titans outplaying you, not a moment of the Ravens beating themselves.

    The Andrews pic is hard, he had an ankle injury, it was a high pass, but also catchable. So hard to comment on that type of play because it wasnt the best pass, but also a pass if he was fully healthy he might have made, who knows. But he wasnt fully healthy, and that is part of the game.
  4. except that andrews pick you talk about - that was the reason the titans had that drive in the first place
  5. There werent that many just flat out drops. Seth Roberts I believe had one, but most of those plays were contested. Even the Andrews pick was a poor pass. I think they found a way to bottle up Lamar more than most teams have found, and he didnt look great throwing, he just didnt.
  6. Fair points, which is why I am stressing the volume. No one thing, just the amalgamation. From a Ravens perspective, all that could go wrong, from a self-inflicted perspective, did go wrong. Again, Titans played excellent football, they deserve all the credit for it. But it sure would be nice to see a more... accurate? true? A matchup where both teams play their best, basically
  7. Lamar Jackson looked stressed the whole time, but there were an insane amount of drops and miscues. I'd encourage you to take a look, but the box score will have down probably 8 straight up drops, including ones with no contesting whatsoever
  8. That doesnt mean it wasnt a high pass to a guy with an ankle injury, and the defender made a play. It is easy to say if my team did this, or my team did that, we would have won, but that is what football is. The teams that make plays win, and again, I am honestly not trying to be a troll just commenting on the game, but one team was quite a bit better than the other tonight.
  9. the broadcast during the 4th quarter literally showed a cut-up of all the ravens drops and by that point they had at least 6 different killer drops in that cut-up and we had more after that
  10. I understand your points, I just think a lot of the things that happened were caused by the Titans. I dont think the Ravens beat themselves, I think they got out played. And look, football is different than other sports. In a best of 7 series, who knows how it works out, but in this one game, I think the Titans were simply the better team.
  11. which defender made a play? byard caught a ball that went straight to him off a deflection that he was nowhere near...
  12. and i realise you're not trolling
  13. Serious question: did the Ravens play like the best version of themselves tonight? Did the Titans? I would have loved to see both teams show up and duke it out, but the Ravens never arrived
  14. Yep. It was quite frustrating. It must be what Eagles fans feel like
  15. Separate to the Titans gameplanning or stifling anything, the Ravens just played fundamentally poorly
  16. Q the trolls to come in. LOL. It's painful, but what can you say. i really believe the biggest factor was rustiness after 3 weeks off. Yeah we needed the time to heal injured players but it was obviously not enough. Andrews played like shit and Ingram was a non factor due to their injuries. It was a perfect shitstorm of circumstances.
  17. Ok, but what does this mean? Did the drops prevent Henry for going for almost 200 yards? Did the drops prevent the pressure and sacks on Lamar? Drops are part of the game. A costly fumble or just dumb mistake I get, but my point is the Titans outplayed you, and they did. I dont understand how bring up drops supposedly defeats my point. You win games my making plays, and one team made more plays tonight.
  18. How is that not a play? Byard is probably the best safety in the league. Good players tend to make good plays, even if it is a lucky bounce or whatever.
  19. The point is that one team did not make the very minimum of plays ie catching uncontested balls and thereby had incredible amounts of self-inflicted wounds. Titans won the game in the trenches, but they scored 28 points off turnovers while getting 230 yards. That's a pretty strong indicator that maybe self-inflicted wounds were a factor
  20. I mean... that was pretty lucky, or unlucky depending on your perspective. Andrews is gimping out there and misses a catch, fine, but it popping straight into your hands like that? Good job catching it I guess, but that seems like a pretty good case of self-inflicted injury and luck

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