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2020 OL Draft Thread

Discussion in '2020 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Their grades are far too cumulative and reliant on snap count, theres no context for trending stock or injuries. Play a lot of snaps at a passable level and you can have a higher grade than a first year starter who is kicking ass.
  2. Muti with 44 reps on the bench. Lord have mercy

  3. Tristan Wirfs just did the best vertical for an o-lineman since 06. Honestly, I'd be okay with a trade down and taking him in the early 2nd round. His film is really good, and he really fits our run heavy offense.
  4. i honestly never thought he was in play - ive always assumed he was going top 20 - he's either a top 4 tackle or the best guard prospect in the class to me - if he makes it to 28 we pick him almost certainly
  5. Uhhhh, what?
  6. I keep coming back to Ruiz at 28. It doesn't matter to me if Yanda is retiring this year or next. That part doesn't matter to me as much. We have some nice tackles and I am not for being pretty good and scheme dependent inside anymore. We need a line that anyone can run behind with Lamar under center at times.
    We can't depend on scheme and the threat of Lamar running solely.
  7. 100% agree - ive made my first attempt to start stacking the board - Ruiz comes in as the 16th best player in the draft for me right now
  8. Queen, Mims, Ruiz, Baun, Jefferson, any of the DTs because I love em all(madubuike, gallimore, blacklock, Davidson) in that order for my favorites at 28. Ruiz is definitely a guy that id be hype for no matter who is on the board
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  9. Ruiz or Mims first round. I’m always starting my mock drafts with those 2 lol
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  10. im about to try one but strictly following my board - no positional reaching or anything as that's already taken into account a little on the board stack already - really want to see what it comes up with - have a feeling we're somehow going to end up with about 4 corners (i love this corner class)
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  11. One player that isn't talked about enough is G/OT Robert Hunt. He is just a mountain of muscle, and shockingly mobile for his size. Not to mention having the mentality of wanting to destroy anyone in front of him. Hunt and Brown Jr on the right side would destroy defenses. Definitely a guy to look for in the 2nd round.
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  12. Outside of wirfs, hunt is my favourite potential guard prospect - violent, aggresssive, good movement skills, powerful - definitely in play for us
  13. Lewis could really be a very good fit at right guard on the Ravens. He's a true mauler.
  14. he's definitely someone you can anchor a running game around
  15. I like him, a little lacking in length and footwork but can huge anchor power going forward.

    My favorite day 2 guy is easily Robert Hunt, hes got everything. Sky high ceiling

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  16. oh absolutely - tbf i like both of them a lot - hunt is my higher rated guy but both would be great fits to come in and play RG for us - Lewis has played against the higher level of competition and i see traits from him combined with reps against high level opposition that give me confidence - with Hunt it feels a little bit more like a projection but he's definitely got all the talent you could want to move inside
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  17. yeah, I'd prefer hunt, but I'm not sure he will be available for us in the 2nd due to possibly taking WR at 55.

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