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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Flex advice please. Got a 5 way split!

    W. Fuller/K. Drake/F. Gore/T. Ginn/C. Ridley

    Thinking Fuller. Drake is against the Ravens. Not sure on Gore's snaps. Ridley is against the Vikings.
  2. I need help please. I'm in trouble because I drafted AB and Gordon in a 16 team league.
    Should I drop one of them or is it too soon?
  3. Well I can say in one league I drafted Gordon in the 6th and in another league I drafted AB in the 2nd. I'm waiting it out on both of them, but I'm mostly screwed in the 16 team league that I'm in where I drafted AB. In the 14 team league I drafted Gordon in, I'm loaded.
  4. I'm officially no longer in trouble haha
  5. yeah, but I'm going on record and hoping he has a really bad year, even though I have him on my team.
  6. If your a lamar jackson owner in a PPr league. How much faab ($100 budget) would you spend on Hollywood brown for the stack? I bid $15. Too much? Too little? Just about right?
  7. Ok, here is my first question for week 2.

    I currently am not sure who to play this week between the following:
    Larry Fitzgerald vs. The ravens
    Terry McLaurin vs. the 'boys
    A.J Brown vs. the Colts

    A.J. Brown has the more favorable matchup, but I'm still favoring Larry Fitzgerald.
  8. Yeah probably fitz - with jimmy out fitz might go for a couple of big plays

    Either of the other 2 may well do better but it’s hard to judge after only 1 game
  9. exactly how I feel
  10. Matt Breida vs. Cincinnati
    Kerryon Johnson vs. Chargers
    John Brown vs. the Giants
    AJ Brown vs. Colts

    I can pick one. Tough choices

    It's a STANDARD League
  11. If this were my list, I’d go John Brown. I think he’ll be going up against the rook Baker who was beat often last week. He was targeted quite a bit as well and seems to have a good rapport with Josh Allen.

    Nothing else jumps off that page at me that makes me feel comfortable enough to pick.
  12. matt breida - tevin coleman injured

    that being said i feel like aj brown could go off this week again

    The one thing that could give me puase with Breid is that Billings and Atkins were the number 2 and 3 rated interior lineman. Add in Hubbard and Breida are going up against a pretty tough defense.
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  13. This is why it's a tough choice. Having several good players to take that flex spot is a good problem to have. I currently have Breida in that spot for the reasons Rossi mentioned. I also feel both Browns could have a good week and feel Kerryon Johnson would be my 3rd or 4th choice in this spot. I'm make my final call in the morning.
  14. What are you guys doing with Antonio Brown? Should I start him? I picked Cobb up. My bench isn’t that deep. Have a couple of Packers on my bench who I do not trust at the moment.
  15. I'm starting AB, but I'm very concerned as well.
  16. From a football perspective, #Patriots WR Antonio Brown has stayed at the facility past 10 pm most nights this week, catching balls from backup QB Jarrett Stidham. They want to get him involved early: https://t.co/4c58ezIIJ9
  17. In my other dynasty, a 16 team league, I’m looking to trade Devante Adams and Chris Godwin.

    i took the team over a few years ago. Wasn’t much to be had on the team. I’m not sure if I’ve ever made the playoffs. Been real close, but this year I’m just screwed. Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins are my QBs.

    Drafted Guice and Ronald Jones with two first round picks a couple years ago. Hasn’t panned out.

    Put Adams and Godwin out there. First offer i received was Josh Jacobs and a 2nd for Adams.

  18. Run with it and never look back
  19. I thought that was a solid deal, and had another willing to trade multiple high draft picks. May do that for Godwin
  20. From a dynasty perspective, what do you all think about Justice Hill?

    trying to reshuffle my roster. Grab draft picks.

    Was offered Hill and a 2nd for Godwin.

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