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Fantasy Football Advice

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Flex spot; WR Will Fuller vs Chiefs, WR Cooper Kupp vs Seahawks, RB Latavius Murray @ Bears

    Pick one
  2. Murray
  3. What does the team look like? Mind if I have a peek?
  5. You know what? I'll be willing to take it on. If I underperform, at least it'll be a step-child, so the pain won't be as severe.
  6. I managed only 1 point today (Diggs) and lost 102.5-101
    Had Texans D in (-7) and JAX D on the bench.
    S M H
  7. Absolutely brutal. I had the Houston defense as well and fortunately they didn't cost me the win. Also had Diggs in DRS, but I feel your pain. That hurts.
  8. My whole season was doomed when I had to draft during weekly company's conference call. Then David Johnson got hurt.
  9. Sounds good. I'll send you the invite as soon as I get home.
  10. I just saw that. On the flip side, you were playing my dad. He was happy to get his first win. Lol

    There were a few people that had similar issues and their records reflect that. There was one person that had success and that's the team I'm giving Truth. His was auto draft and
    quite well. On a positive note. Top 6 are in the playoffs. You're one game back, @allblackraven. Lol
  11. Haha, tell him it's not much of a consolation

    Yeah, not giving up. I'll work hard and I'll improve. It's a long season, week-to-week, anything can happen. And I'm proud of guys, they've given their all.
  12. Yeah, I just won my first game and I’m far from giving up. I have several good players underperforming, especially Ajayi.
  13. I sent you a message on here. Just gonna need your email and I'll get you in before the Thursday night game. They did lose this past week, but 4-1 is a good start with a solid roster!
  14. I took over a team in a third year dynasty. Someone really offered me Tyrell Williams and Joe flacco for Kirk cousins...

    But this guy is 5-0 and just lost Aaron Rodgers. His other QBs are Flacco and Garoppolo.

    I Brees and Cousins. Balls in my court!

    Are there any good QBs coming up in next years draft?
  15. A lot
  16. Interesting. Get a franchise skill position player for Cousins. Draft rookiE QB
  17. It'd be nice if we can trade between leagues. I could do with Cousins, too.
  18. In the Br dynasty league the last couple years I had cousins and he did well for me, but I originally drafted tanahil because I thought he was going to break out in 2015 and grabbed cousins later to be the backup. About the middle of the season around the “you like that” timeframe I switched qbs.
  19. another important factor for the future - you have no idea what team kirk cousins is gonna end up on and if it's the 49ers (most likely spot at this point) then it might be important to note that he'll be with kyle shanahan with whom he played his best football and who trained him up - i imagine they'd spend some capital on skill positions/offensive line help or get a huge draft pick bounty given that they wouldnt need to then draft a qb high but would likely have a high pick

    tbh id hold onto cousins over flacco and williams just because i dont think either flacco or williams are good long term plays - he's been on the down trend this season even though mike williams their rookie wr has been out - neither flacco or williams feel good enough even together to get rid of cousins who might be a great future play... even if this next class of qb looks great (and they do) they also might end up on the browns or jets which would kill any fantasy value pretty quickly
  20. I already declined the Flacco/Williams trade. They have done nothing. He was just trading me bench players. If I could somehow get a DeAndre Hopkins or Dez Bryant, would it be worth it?

    I also have Brees, but in a dynasty, he's not long term.

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