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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. yes they are a small market, but so are we and Harris has been great for many many years.
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  2. Harris was an UDFA, Humphrey was a first rounder from Bama. We have always been known for being an elite defense even when we had down years in reality. Playing for a small market team and being an UDFA doesn’t bode well
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  3. That makes sense if it were for his initial years, but he was extended. Also the more I think about it, Denver isn't really a small market and now he's in LA.
  4. True, but can we really say the Chargers are a big market/have a lot of fans? Herbert may very possibly change that but especially before him and when they first left SD, they weren’t exactly the apple of fans’ eyes.

    I liken it to Gus. Around here, we love him and know he’s pretty damn good. But outside of this circle, there are many who forget about him and think only about JK when discussing our backs
  5. It's the television market and LA is huge market. It's very true with Gus because we are in fact a small market.
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  6. True
  7. I don't think markets are all that significant in terms of player popularity when it comes to the NFL. The general fanbase knows most QBs and a couple of high profile players league wide, and that's about it. I do not think a Corner in Buffalo is going to be any more or less likely to make a PB than a Corner from LA is. Its likely that the teams win/loss record is going to play a bigger role than anything.

    The NFL is a whole different beast than something like the NBA. Fans care about teams and the sport in the NFL. They generally don't give a rip about the players. The NBA or even MLB, to a certain extent, is a "star driven league". The NBA's popularity is almost exclusively tied to the popularity of a couple of individual players.

    Players in the NFL wear helmets. It sounds cheesy, but that means something. A lot of these guys most people couldn't pick their faces out of lineup.

    I would bet a gigantic sum of money that at least 50% of the people who post on this very message board could not identify Aaron Donald, by his face, in street clothes in a crowded room of people. By a lot of accounts he's the single best player in the league, and if he walked by you at the Horseshoe in the middle of the day, you'd probably not recognize him. 100% of those people could identify about 30 NBA players, at least, even if they don't actively watch the NBA.
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  8. I think this is partially true. The big market and winning teams tend to have more Night games and this will get the players out there a little more. Also with Pro Bowls fans voting, I do believe there is a better chance for players playing for the Cowboys than a small market team. Many times players that don't seem to deserve to get in, get voted in because of a huge fan base.
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  9. I think its more about lifetime achievement award than it is big fanbase. Ray Lewis got a lot of PB nods late in his career, when he wasn't close to a top 3-5 LB in the league.
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  10. It marshall yanda played for the patriots or cowboys, he would be more popular than zach martin..it took nfl 2yrs to start taking notice in marshal. i think its a mixture of how successful your team is plus the market.. im sure more 50% can notice donald by the way lol..
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  11. OK, but Zach Martin still isn't very popular. Like a hardcore fan knows who he is, but most people that watch football don't. You gotta realize... most people watching football's knowledge of football usually begins and ends with fantasy.
    I would expect an All-Pro guard for the Cowboys to be more known than an All-Pro guard for the Ravens. But neither is very well known anywhere.

    As far as Donald, I picked him because a) most people have no clue what he looks like (and I'm not sure you do either) and b) every night club, bar, and/or restaurant in the greater downtown Baltimore area has a guy working the front door who is bigger than Donald, both in terms of height and weight. He's not 6'9" like Ogden, where he would stick out in almost any crowd. Heck, any bar in Canton, Fells Point or Fed Hill on a Saturday night has a dozen guys that look just like Donald.

    And outside of maybe Olineman and QBs (who are typically taller), most NFL players will blend in a crowd.
  12. I wasnt referring to size and height at all... donald has been on commercials and has been all over social media.. crazy thing, i dnt even have any social media account and i even know he usually is all over the place lol.. you shouldve used someone else other than donald, but i do understand what youre trying to get at.

    By the way, those two yrs alone where cowboys were good with dak got zach martin more popular than yanda..
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  13. You gotta stop underestimating people lol.. just cause you dnt know how donald look or the people you hang around know dnt know how he look, doesnt mean that goes for everyone else.
  14. That's also because Zach Martin was as good as Yanda, so its natural for him to be as popular.
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  15. People have never given me a reason to overestimate them. Next time you go to a bar, ask random football questions to the people watching. Next time you go to a Ravens game, get some of them to actually name players.
    It will absolutely blow your mind the information they don't have.
  16. This is sadly actually true
  17. Youre correct but i still wouldnt underestimate them.. i wouldnt bet against a random person knowledge unless i heard him talking about the sport
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  18. I would bet against a random person's knowledge on pretty much every subject. I'll make a ton of money that way.
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  19. Today only, if anyone here is a fan of Taco Bell, they are doing a promotion for the Bucks coming back to get the championship. Free Doritos taco
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