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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Yeah as really BB must or must not know what he is doing. He is crossing his fingers over it!
  2. Super random thought when I was driving and listening to wink’s recent interview. I was thinking how this would probably be his last year here and how he’s going to get a HC opportunity. Then I was thinking what teams would most likely grab him.. tell me why Jets just popped into my head. It makes too much damn sense lol.

    Adam Gase gots to be on the hot seat, and jets are practically the AFC East Ravens.
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  3. Wouldn't surprise me to see the Jets interview him, but not sure if Wink would consider them a "dream opportunity" (he has said that he would only leave for the right situation). The Jets haven't had a very well-run organization for quite some time now and Wink could definitely do better elsewhere. That being said, the familiarity with all of our former players could be a strong selling point for the Jets to convince Wink to take the job.
  4. I usually have excellent remember but i really dnt recall this time lol.. anyway, am i the first one on this forum to have the virus?

    Excellent remember? Lmao tf. I meant memory
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  5. You have it? I hope you feel better with a quick recovery!
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  6. I'm not sure if I'm the first but my wife and I had it in April, our symptoms were relatively minor but it was about 4 weeks and my lung capacity was around 80%. It feels like its about 95% now. Whats really sad is over 100,000 more have passed since mid April.

    As for managing it we dosed heavily on vitamin D in february in preparation because it regulates the immune system, and we supplimented with zinc to try and manage the symptoms. Now I don't know if it helped or not but my wife was high risk with her asthma so I didnt take any chances.
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  7. Have a speedy recovery!
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  8. My breathing been ok. Got a little cough, fever, headache that wont go away, lower body aching that seems to go away when i bathe every 2hrs.. most of all, these fking chills man lol, now this shit is annoying me the most lol. Ive been putting tape around my pants legs at night just so i can sleep lol..

    Ive been drinking only tea, water and orange juice. The first night when i felt it coming down on me, it was the worst, but then my body kinda adapted to it or someshit. Idk if i have a strong immune system but i eat fruits every day literally and like twice a month drink juices such as alohavera and tumeric, so maybe those things have also helped me.. ive eaten maybe once in the last 3 days also lmao..

    Ive also been taking antibiotics. Gonna see if i get some zinc now though
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  9. Yea ill be good. Appreciate it
  10. Yea i got this mf..ill be ight though. Appreciate it
  11. Its different for everyone, some people are more susceptible than others but its your breathing thats going to tell you how good or bad its going to be. If it becomes very hard to breathe then its time to call emergency services.

    I think you'll be fine but I wish you a fast recovery.
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  12. jets has been a trash organisation but joe douglas is there now as GM and he's someone who wink will be familiar with and comfortable with from his time here
  13. With RG3 being a free agent after this season, I could easily see Roman getting a HC job next year where RG3 is the starter due to the familiarity with the system. Especially after our backup offense dismantled the Steelers starting defense in a must win situation for the Steelers, as for Wink it will be a lot harder for him to get a HC gig with every team leaning more toward offensive Head Coaches.
  14. I don’t think RG3 will be a starter anymore (unless it’s due to injury to a QB1). A team is going to hire a HC before grabbing a free agent QB. And I don’t think any team is going to hire G-Ro if he tells them him and RG3 is a package deal lol.
    I also don’t think RG3 even played well in that week 17 Steelers game. You would think he had a good game with all that taunting he did lol. But it was a rain game where we knew we didn’t have to do much cause we could’ve won by just playing defense against that QB haha
  15. Every player can improve including RGIII. One thing is he is showing the kind of dedication that is needed to be successful as a QB in this league. I think Lamar's success has inspired him as well. However, you do make salient points but I think if there is a team like Chicago that tanks with both their QBs, then RGIII is an option. Keep in mind, most teams are now going with the dual threat QB after Lamar's success. Heck they're even making Mahomes take off on design runs....
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  16. Brady and Brees have shown that its possible to play to a high level past 40yo but you really need to be very accurate and injury free, two traits that RG3 doesnt possess. Same with Cam Newton, people are trying to say he could be a Pat for 10 years but he has a flaky mentality and a good passer.
  17. If rg3 could possibly become a starter again...... for one game then get benched lol
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  18. RGIII is never going to start again except in relief or due to starter being injured - he just doesnt have it - he's a great backup but if you watch the steelers game he was good at running our running game but he's not really a good passer at all and he's not a dynamic enough run threat to get a pass for not being a good enough passer either

    it could be that RGIII follows Roman to wherever he goes next but it would be like Schaub coming with Kubiak to Baltimore - it's to be a backup who can help install the new offensive system and scheme and help the actual starter learn the playbook and the language etc.
  19. i really dont think he has a flaky mentality - dude has played through bad injuries (much like andrew luck) and had to have shoulder surgeries - people always go after him for 1 play he didnt make in the superbowl as if that 1 play in a big spot outdoes all the plucky and dedicated stuff he's done in his career
  20. speaking of cam newton:

    - this stinks of the kind of hate that lamar got the last few years (and that cam has had from certain corners throughout his career) that's completely unjustified...

    also this from bellicheck:


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