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The Random Thought Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by The Greek, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Which team? My team is also in the West Division, but we on top lol
  2. I had to take a look real quick because I was hoping it wasn't Vegas because fuck them, but is this sorry ass team

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  3. Yeah bro, fuck Vegas!

    My Avs will probably choke come playoff time, but they're on fire right now. Really hoping Mack can lead them back to the Cup for the first time in 20 years.
  4. As far as our division is concerned, I'm rooting for you guys to win the division. I typically root for the Jets come playoff time, but we'll see what happens.
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  5. The NFL is about to loosen up jersey number restrictions for each position.... get ready to spend thousands of dollars to replace the current ones you have.

  6. im guessing hollywood goes from 15 to 5 as soon as he's allowed
  7. I’m still getting used to LBs wearing the 40s, but Condolences to the DLs just being left out like that.
  8. That's gonna throw me off for a while
  9. Hate it

    I don’t know why but I have always hated college numbers.
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  10. Well numbers do not really I do not care one way or the other. Just saying!
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  11. Look at Queen trying to start some shit :D

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  12. Lmao
  13. When Joe Flacco allows it he will lol. I don't see 5 in the same vein as 52, 55, 20 and 75 and I totally see someone wearing 5 again. It just feels like it would be too soon even all these years later.
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  14. I honestly think it should be an unofficially retired number for quite some time. Seeing a different Ravens player wearing 5 is just so incredibly wrong-like try to picture it because I actually can't. He played here 10 years and won a superbowl I think id be messed up to do that while he is still in the league lol
  15. If we keep unofficially retiring numbers we won’t have any numbers left lol, already got 75, 52, 20, and 19 retired
  16. Thats partly the impetus behind the rule change. Whatever team proposed it (I forget who) did so because they have so many retired numbers and few options at certain position groups. And that’s only going to get worse. Think they’ll need to find a way to only retire the best of the best across the league.
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  17. It’s all up to the clubs discretion and I like that we retire numbers unofficial. However... those guys are the Baltimore football mt Rushmore, add Suggs to make it ravens mt Rushmore because I believe 55 is unofficially retired as well.

    beyond that though, I could see 8 being retired depending on how the second act goes between Lamar and the organization, and nothing else should be retired, I’m not sure 5 should be retired
  18. Nah I love Joe but 5 will be in circulation again soon I’d think. I think they did right by him by not giving it out for awhile but it’s not going to stay that way.
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