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The 2020 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. i think part of it also is that in the individual drills he's so often getting matched up with Dobbins and dobbins is making everyone look distinctly average but also this is happening in drills where the offensive player is more likely to win
  2. Another instance of it being so hard to tell with no preseason. I still think they want to get the WRs involved a lot more but that's just a guess at this point. I know they don't always reveal their hand in preseason either, but this lockdown of info makes it so tough to surmise what they actually want to do.
  3. S maybe a need this year. Even bigger next year.
  4. i think you have to look at where the strengths in the offensive skill position roster lie and assume they're going to evolve last year's offence around these new strengths and not keep designing plays for an offence with 3 TEs when the 3rd TE (if we keep one) isn't necessarily a playmaker

    we've got insane depth at RB and we've got speed everywhere at WR and they're going to want to have evolved the offence around those strengths which suggests to me spreading out defences to pull guys out of the box and let lamar pick the matchup he likes - he was great in empty last year and the weapons he'll have available in empty this year are far superior to last year's version
  5. first play skura got pushed back then every play after that was a double team of some kind. I didnt have sound on so idk if he explained exactly what he was trying to show. It was a team effort that game and we player donald really well. We also went on to get killed by jeffery simmons.. Before last season people wanted skura outta here so im not gonna be sold on him based off one season playing next to a hofer and a offense that hides oline weaknesses. Im legit worried now that yanda is gone.
  6. it was more about the combination of skura and mekari he was talking about - how they're both really adept at double-teaming and then moving to the 2nd level to get on a LB or a S
  7. Some Patriots fan is actually trying to convince me John "Smoke" Brown would instantly slot in as the number one receiver over Marqise Brown if the Ravens could choose between the two.
  8. lol what?
    you mean the john brown we let out of the building because he did nothing for half a season? that john brown?

    and you mean the marquise brown who with 1 foot as a rookie managed to put up only 100 yards less with 2 fewer games?

    and that's before you even just watch them
  9. His argument started that John Brown posted better stats and then morphed into John Brown ran a complete route tree for the Bills (he didn't) and Marqise Brown had a very limited route tree for the Ravens.
  10. To be fair lamar came in and no wr really did nothing.. id choose hollywood still but we cant just diss john like that like he wasnt balling when flacco was there
  11. I do think John Brown would be doing better now with Lamar than he did in that half season, but I’m still not taking him over Hollywood. Offense was completely different in 2018.
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  12. This Patriots fan must be smoking some of that good stuff.
  13. I mean... if you're comparing a veteran to a rookie who was limited with foot problems, sure, I'd take Brown to.

    For about one season. Not for multiple seasons, which is kind of the objective here.

    I'm also not taking anything a Patriots fans says in regards to WR talent seriously. Its a franchise that is really pretty terrible at evaluating, drafting, and developing WR talent.
  14. today's technically the last day of training camp - will be interesting to see what the takeaways are as we move towards regular season practices and cutdown day
  15. Just circling back on this...

    Yeah, this is what I was trying to get at but probably didn't state it near as well. If we really wanted to run an offense that was as heavily dependent on the TEs as it was last year, I'd think we would have made more of an effort to replace Hurst. Instead, we added another RB to an already crowded group and then added 2 young WRs, both of which will likely operate out of the slot.

    With that, maybe that TE3 isn't really necessary at all.
  16. and not to mention the focus on lamar's progression with passes outside the numbers and deep down the field which arent typically the types of throws that feature TEs albeit mark andrews will be heavily involved in the downfield passing attack

    but the guys we've added over the past 2 years have had that speed element to their game to add to that downfield element
    the only one without that eye-popping speed and athleticism is james proche - Hollywood, Boykin, Hill from last year and then this year you add Dobbins and Duvernay
  17. just watching the build up to the scrimmage tonight the atmosphere they've created with the music in the background in the stadium really makes it feel like something important is happening tonight... which it is... this is the closest these players get to a preaseason game this season

    this is the dress rehearsal
  18. It looks like Tyre Philipps is starting with the 1st unit
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  19. i just noticed that too - fluker's back at practice too - and even more interestingly it included Skura back in at C in stead of Mekari

    something to watch
    it would be super exciting if tyre phillips could win that role
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