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The 2020 Offseason Thread

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. so still up in the air then whether skura or mekari start week 1 - but positive signs that skura's suiting up with the 1s for a scrimmage in terms of him being physically able to go soon
  2. Apparently Lamar was 3-9 at one point and the Ravens had back to back false starts. Seems the defense got tired of getting picked on.
  3. tbh im not too concerned there, i think our defense is gonna be far and away the leagues top unit. maybe optimistic but i dont care, secondary is king and even without earl thomas we have the leagues best secondary and frankly it isnt close, our scheme and rotation up front make it a done deal. our offense not being dominant vs this defense is more positive than anything because it means our defense is fucking fierce.
  4. that was before he threw a pick

    but then they put him in hurry up mode and he started torching them and then got some momentum and started putting together big plays and drives including a 40 yard bomb td to hollywood and another td to andrews
  5. oh im not concerned at all - lamar still lit them up late on apparently which is a good sign

    the other thing is that with the vets not doing proper tackling it neuters the running game a bit which obviously would slightly handicap the offence
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  6. Nigel Warrior ended up with an interception tonight, but it was also mentioned that he looked really good on ST. Obviously it comes with risk without experience, but I wonder if they might consider him over say, Jordan Richards. At least Warrior has some upside on D as well while we know what Richards is at this point.
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  7. Also of note from Kasinitz...

    Wide receiver Miles Boykin downed a Sam Koch punt inside the 5-yard at one point by sprinting downfield, breaking free from a blocker and tracking the ball well enough to catch it on the fly.
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  8. While some may see this is an impressive feat, I see it as a big red flag. Why is Boykin, trade up target in the third round, being relegated to gunner in his 2nd camp?
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  9. Holy fucking shit Jimmy Smith

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  10. Without earl, chargers and pats could possibly have a better secondary. I had has #1 with earl easily but now im unsure
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  11. probably because chris moore, justice hill and jaleel scott are all injured...

    also worth noting that even last year we judon playing special teams snaps - just because you're a starter doesn't mean that you won't necessarily play on special teams - boykin is potentially a weapon on punt rushes and had at least one where he nearly got a block last year

    i wouldnt see it as a red flag - just another tool in boykin's toolkit
  12. i know Coach Evans thinks that Warrior's a better player than Geno Stone and Warrior's certainly flashed more in camp
  13. Vikings traded for Yannick...
  14. a 2 and a 5 is great value for the vikings (the 5 can become a 3 but still)

    him and danielle hunter coming from both ends is a bit scary

    at least this whole saga is over now though
  15. Didn't they extend Hunter earlier this offseason?
  16. yeah - he's under contract through the 2023 season although they can get out of it as early as next offseason
  17. Jimmys a freak, always has been.

    you hear about jimmy losing like 15 lbs and you’re like why tf? Til you remember that dude was playing cb at a high level weighing over 220. This mf was built like a small LB
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  18. (click on the tweet to open the thread)

    i just dont get why ben powers has seemingly not made any progress this offseason - he looked really good in all his preseason snaps and the week 17 snaps last year

    i know our interior OL group is deep but... i just dont get it
  19. another idiot pats fan.

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