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2021 Never *Too* Early Prospect Watch

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. ding ding ding ding ding
  2. with the name Tutu, he does sound small
  3. Maaan, I can definitely see EDC scouting chiefs offense and going after a prospect like Waddle.

    Tyreek Hill + Mecole Hardman = Hollywood Brown + Jaylen Waddle
  4. not watched enough to say for sure but im not in love with jaylen waddle as a prospect right now - got super traits but not sure ive seen enough to be all in - especially with some of the other guys who'll be available - looks like it'll be another great receiver draft in 2021
  5. Pitt Edge Patrick Jones is a guy that is definitely worth a good hard look. He’s built for the position at a very long 6’5” 260, he has a big time first step, he uses his length very well, he’s balanced and flexible in the hips and ankles and can bend the edge with a straight speed rush, but his speed to power rush might be one of his best assets, with a really nice outer arm extension where he just blasts the tackle and puts them on skates to give himself space to counter inside, or his ability to take tackles off balance and flatten the edge with momentum and balance.

    looks like a late first rounder to me at first glance
  6. I’m really liking Rashod Bateman, he’s looking like a faster prime Dez Bryant on his highlight reels.
  7. I read he opted out. Is there still a supplemental draft for this year and damn how we gonna be able to scout this year?
  8. I just saw that he opted out, wtf. This year sucks
  9. Yeah. I'm going to get drunk as shit on NY eve. Now the MAC has shut down too and I'm sure Sun Belt and Conference USA might follow. Just not big enough paydays with unfilled stadiums and playing the big boys. Really really sucks.
  10. How do you scout players with game film being a year old?
  11. you watch that tape...

    and tbh it's likely only seniors that come out because of that very fact... im expecting it to be a smaller than usual class - probably a much less deep one too
    #71 rossihunter2, Aug 11, 2020
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2020
  12. Hamsah nasirildeen is a guy I’m now really hoping we can end up with. Also Jevon Holland is catching my eye
  13. given the unpopularity of the TE position in round 1 and the fact that we see a bigger net upgrade with a TE than most teams see with a WR, we have a chance to pull an absolute coup in the first round this year.

    Pat Freiermuth, if we are picking 28 or later, would be the steal of the draft, and that would apply for any team just based on talent level, but if the ravens specifically took him then were talking about exponential net gains, ON TOP OF filling a need for TE2 or 3 depending on what you consider boyle, and also a potential 5.5m increase in cap space for 2021 if we decide to move on after a promising rookie year.
  14. I somewhat feel the same, I still think he’s a top notch prospect, but joe burrows film this year tops anything Lawrence put on film
  15. Disregard what I’ve said about other dbs, I’m all aboard the ardarius Washington train. He’s small, but goddamn he’s such a playmaker, I see honey badger with Darnell savage explosiveness. When I recall how wink used Earl Thomas last year, and how he used tavon young, I can’t help but envision a full time role where ardarius Washington would get a starters workload and would interchange between nickel and safety, taking some single high, some man, some shallow zones from the slot, some nickel blitz, some run support, some layered blitz, man he would fit like a glove
  16. already thinking about QBs and QB-needy teams lol because that's who i am

    I see these teams as being in the market as of right now:


    there seem to be 3 consensus top picks at QB and then a group of all sorts well below them...

    we'll see if anyone like Burrow or Mayfield emerges this year as a 1 year starter but if not there might be a lot of teams desperately looking for QBs that don't exist
  17. Edge rusher DeAndre Jordan is dominating for Tennessee rn. Its half time but hes already made his mark on the game. I'll be sure to keep an eye out on this guy
  18. Also keep an eye on both South Carolina's corners. Horn is the more typical cover guy but Mukuamu is that big physical outside corner and hes 6'4

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