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Next Up: @ Texans

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Sep 13, 2020.

  1. As is tradition
  2. In other news, water is wet
  3. Ronnie Stanley not practicing - really hope harbs was right and it's not major and they're just giving him time off to help it recover

    In more positive news - Justice Hill is back practicing again
  4. Another game I'm taking Ravens with an alt line. Texans getting smacked. BoB is an awful coach and worse GM.
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  5. No tf it ain’t let’s argue
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  6. Well technically water isn't wet, it makes things it comes in contact with wet.
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  7. FFFFF
  8. Hopefully just rest. Houston's defense doesn't scare me at all sans Watt but he might get hurt during the game.
  9. yeah im hoping they're just being cautious - if the hip was already bothering him but he managed to play through it then this could just be a "pick a body-part" type injury report
  10. Coincidentally, Watt was limited in practice today with a hip injury.
  11. For the love of FUCK
  12. Is there going to be a crowd for the Texans game?
  13. F it. Start Fluker. Double team Watt every play. Pray that Stanley is ready for the chiefs game.
  14. I'm worried that Stanley won't play against the Texans. It is up to Lamar now to worry about his blind side. Otherwise he's going to have a long day. I trust they may go back to the running game to throw the Texans off early and give Lamar time to acclimate to his new reality. However, he was great at completing passes with less than 2 secs of protection in the last game, so we'll see. But, all in all very disappointing news if Stanley can't suit up.
  15. No they don't have crowds in the stadium. It is going to be empty save the teams and related staff.
  16. It's time to worry about Lamar's blind side.
  17. Really? No sarcasm here but I didn’t pay that close attention to that matchup but I would be slightly surprised (only slightly) they lined him that far inside.
    I’d trade Justice Hill being injured the whole year for Stanley to come back lol. I don’t feel any better about this haha

    I’ll say but could be that he was compensating for the ankle and threw his hip out. We’ll see
    Sandra Bullock or Michael Oher? Oh wait...no
  18. Fluker will hold up in the meantime, he did alright against the Browns like as in not anything too concerning. I'd much rather Stanley not be rushed back and let him rest so he is 100% for the Chiefs game.
  19. If Stanley is out, score 40 points in the first quarter then bench Lamar. Simple really.
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