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2021 NFL Draft Gameday Draft Thread

Discussion in '2021 NFL Draft' started by rossihunter2, Apr 27, 2021.


What position will the Ravens select with their first pick in the draft?

Poll closed Apr 29, 2021.
  1. Offensive Tackle

  2. Interior Offensive Line

  3. Wide Receiver

  4. Safety

  5. EDGE

  6. Other

  1. Damn there goes St-Juste
  2. FUCK st juste was maybe the top player left on my unofficial and nonexistent board
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  3. I have 2 people on my mind, not saying anything
  4. I don't want us taking Oline because its a need. Get the best players.
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  5. Well St Juste might just change ya mind!
  6. At this point I'm hoping Perkins or Ardarius Washington are on the board. I also like Dyami Brown
  7. for sure - i just think there's a chance still that OL could be BPA for us
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  8. Dyami Brown, Ronnie Perkins - the last 2 guys left from my top 40
  9. Adebo was one of my favourite CBs to watch - was a breath of fresh air when i finally got to watching him (was like the 200th prospect i graded)
  10. I just want oline and 1 of my 2 guys out of today
  11. wow Dyami is still available? wonder why. Watching him i didnt think hed fall out of the 2nd
  12. Feels like trade up range to me
  13. That's my fault. I ducked out during commercial and watched like two minutes of curb your enthusiasm.
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  14. Bro.... at this point I'm just going to cue the Jeopardy Music because this waiting is ridiculous.

  15. a couple of drops maybe... not always the most physical at the catch-point
    limited route-tree... not an amazing blocker

    idk what else
  16. Roche
    S. Brown

    There is hope
  17. i highly doubt we trade up. Theres some good players on the board i think we like who might fall
  18. we just got to the range where it's doable - not sure who i'd be trading up for though - creed would have been the guy - maybe ronnie perkins if we hadn't got oweh...

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