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Welcome to Baltimore: Rashod Bateman

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. thought this was a good overview of Bateman. Gets into a lot of analytics too which we all know the ravens covet lol
  2. We still had one of the worst WR rooms in the league man, and our scheme/qb aren’t gonna make them look better.
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  3. Tee Martin and Keith Williams bro. Bateman absolutely makes the WR room better but if the ball sails over Lamar's head.....Right now we've invested 2 1sts and 2 3rds in the last 3 yrs. That WR room needs to be set lol.
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  4. We’ve invested picks in duvernay and Boykin, 2 guys who were probably terribly over drafted.

    you’re trying to draft for need and need only, Bateman was the best player on the board and come on, as a ravens fan you’re gonna actually be unhappy with a first round wr who actually looks like a legit WR1?
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  5. Love that I’m not the only one who sees Devante Adams when I’m watching Bateman. I absolutely love pairing him and Keith Williams (Adams longtime personal coach)

    I’m super stoked about our offense now as long as we shore up the line. And Roman/other coaches can get creative with the passing scheme.
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  6. lol roman creative with the passing scheme....god i wish this can be true
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  7. Idk if his blocking is good enough. :whistle:. My sources had Humphrey rated higher.
  8. Is this sarcasm?
  9. I feel like every larger receiver with quick feet and great release is compared to davante Adams, which is understandable, I comped Justin Jefferson to Adams last year, and I wanted to comp Bateman to him, but It felt stale lol so I just didn’t comp him at all. I think Keenan Allen would probably be my next in line when I think of comps
  10. if GRo and this offense stalls, I can definitely see one of them as a mid-season interim OC.
  11. oh for sure - the upside for him (and hollywood) at the release is incredible
  12. So excited for Batemen and Lamar to get in a groove. This should allow Hollywood to do what he does best... Focus on stretching the field.

    Our offense is going to be dangerous again in the passing game

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  13. I would encourage everyone to watch the real Bateman presser for 2 reasons. Obviously to see Rashod, you'll find a highly confident, high character guy. But 2, you'll see Roman and what he has to say. Now I could be wrong, but Roman really didn't not seem to have his head up his ass. I liked his answers a lot and actually tend to believe him. I could be reading waaaaayyyy to far into it because he didn't say anything even close to this, but I think GRo was implying he thinks with Sammy and Rashod, we're going to actually be able to beat the good teams when they full sell out against the run.
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  14. im gonna watch it after the draft finishes tonight - but ive never felt like GRo wasn't honest or humble in his pressers at all - i think a lot of the vitriol sent his way is partly because of how he gets protected from criticism by those above him

    but there's definitely an argument to be made that we've not had the weapons or OL (and we still don't have the OL) to be able to fully open up the passing offence... but we do finally have a stable of weapons we can trust (or expect) to beat man coverage when left singled up
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  15. I think Roman is a competent coach, I’ve said from the beginning of the offseason that his biggest issue is that he just doesn’t know what to do with the passing game, and no FO has ever invested in romans genius to try to expand upon it, instead they give him the boot after 2 years and opt for more traditional nfl passing offense and as a result that team usually goes from competitive to dumpster fire almost immediately.

    I have my issues with Roman, but I’m glad we are sticking with him
  16. this is the year - if with the offensive weapons we now have he can't build something then it's probably time for him to go

    but im very content giving him this offseason to build a passing game that's efficient and effective
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  17. Still feels like a dream that we got Bateman tbh
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  18. We are due to FINALLY have a potential number 1 receiver

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