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Welcome to Baltimore: Odafe Jayson Oweh

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. One thing I keep seeing is how many people are scared because Oweh had no sacks and is going to need some development... but isn’t that kind of what everyone complained about for awhile? For years we had no major impact players. We hit doubles in the draft and they were solid players, but not difference makers. The Ravens just took a huge cut at a fastball. Maybe it’s a strikeout. Maybe it’s a home run. But at least we took the chance for the home run instead of settling for the double and leaving a guy stranded on 2nd.

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  2. I can see him starting for us eventually and being a solid run defender on the edge. I don't think he'll ever be a double digit sack guy.
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  3. Believe me I couldn't watch no Penn St football this year. It was that bad. They lost to Maryland for gawd sakes.
  4. Lmao they didnt just lose. They got their asses clapped
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  5. Ok so this is probably the best game ive seen of Oweh as a pass rusher. I have him marked for 5 qb hits and 3 pressures so 8 winning reps

    - 5:00 blitz up middle (qb hit)
    -10:33 over RT (pressure)
    -14:47 over RT (qb hit)
    -15:08 Over RT hated this rep
    -15:41 Over RT good start but slips
    -15:47 Over RT loop around, idk what to make of this rep lol
    -17:05 over LG (qb hit) loved this rep
    -18:26 over LT worth a look
    -19:11 Over RT (pressure)
    - 20:51 Over RT Destroys the RB lol
    - 20:58 Over RT (pressure)
    - 21:09 Over RT (qb hit)
    - 21:18 Over TE right side again (qb hit)
    - 25:28 Over RT worth a look, maybe a pressure idk

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  6. in wink's scheme, im not sure anyone ever gets to double digit sacks again...
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  7. Some uplifting comments by Chris Simms who rated him as his 3rd edge rusher in the draft. Does not care about the 0 sacks and comments on value of disruptivity over productivity. Compares him to Leonard Floyd and Aldon Smith. See an high floor high ceiling guy....

    #47 Francois Boulianne, Apr 30, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2021
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  8. The bank is gonna sound like a soccer stadium whenever this guy makes a play.

    “waaaaaay oweh oweh oweh oweh”
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  9. 3:34 i wanna see this getoff from him more often. Plays like this excite the hell outta me

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  10. I think maybe he struggles a bit with the timing and exploding out of that 3 pt stance - occasionally you get a snap like that one

    I wonder if he’ll be helped when we ask him to stand up rather than have his hand in the ground
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  11. i hope we've just seen our first glimpse of a potential nfl sack dance
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  12. He was frequently double and triple teamed in the run game and he was still disruptive. He shows a knack for splitting doubles, I actually think he splits double teams better than he disengages a single blocker. And he has a knack for ragdolling blockers.

    I’m so torn on him, but I feel like I should just look at what he does best and understand that he figures to have a VERY prominent role where he is put in the most advantageous of positions
  13. I find it funny how often he gets triple teamed in the run game. I dont think ive ever seen an edge guy get so much attention from the other team before lol
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  14. i think this is how i felt about PQ last year - flashes of awesome talent and athletic ability - but raw
    be excited about the natural gifts and the way that he will probably be allowed to attack as a rookie
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  15. maybe not all the time but joe tryon (sometimes) and DL Onwuzurike saw frequent double teams and in onwuzurike's case frequent triple teams because of that 3 man front that washington defence uses
  16. I can’t wait for the day that it all comes together for one glorious snap, and we all say damn, he might be special. Just waiting for that snap that parts the interior wide open and oweh comes screaming in on a stunt.
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  17. or he times his get-off well and is around the edge before the OT can touch him
  18. Did the Ravens really draft a 1st round edge guy without a sack for the recent year?

    Seven in Twenty games?

    Filled a need!
  19. Or like the Os were with Darren o’day, or us with Heap years ago
  20. Oh man the O’Day chants were so epic, miss the Os being good and baseball actually being watchable as a result
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