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Welcome to Baltimore: Odafe Jayson Oweh

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by rossihunter2, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. Me too...
  2. I’m glad I just watched that Indiana game. Utterly dominant performance by Oweh.

    I’m starting to be convinced. He’s already a great run defender. Plays the option well, good tackle radius, surprisingly strong against the frequent double teams he faced in some games.

    If he can add some consistent hand usage, and better snap timing to his profile, then he’s ready to be a plus player earlier in his career than I had expected.
  3. Remember when we were all clamoring for clowney before his surgery last year?

    well we just got a clowney replica for 1/8th of the cost and a clean Bill of health.

    this is how I look at the oweh pick. I believe I can simplify it this much.

    he is a disruptive athletic force, and a TFL machine in his most bare form.
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  4. Exactly! That’s who came to my mind as well. And with a higher motor too.
  5. that last paragraph’s the key - that’s got to be priority 1 and 2 this offseason - and if they can sort out that snap timing and improve his hands then he’ll get on the field early
  6. I mean I think that undersells just how crazy oweh’s testing was lol - and importantly oweh also nailed the change of direction and bend drills

    clowney was way more refined of course but it’s hard to rationalise just how freakish oweh is athletically
  7. Finally got around to watching the full Indiana game, my god, don’t talk about the zero sack season til you’ve seen this. Almost Every pass rush snap he had felt like a pressure, many resulting in poor rushed throws or poor decisions. Impressive reps too, not falling into pressures, he had multiple bendy speed rushes that he executed incredibly well, little bit jerky but well done, you see hip and ankle flexion, balance, and EXPLOSIVE jolts to close the gap once he’s in the clear, and he looked like he had an idea of how to rush the passer a few times. He had a few inside counters result in pressures, I saw one spin move, didnt really work though, saw some stunts converted to pressures.

    if he can do some of that, oh boy. That was one of the single best pass rush games I’ve ever watched from a college player, he abused that OT but just kept getting pressures instead of sacks. He was dominant.
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  8. you have to imagine that game is a big reason why he was so high on the ravens board
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  9. I mean wink literally referenced it and then later said “not JUST the Indiana game..” so yeah I’d say it was living in their heads a little bit. If oweh doesn’t pan out then wink has lost benefit of the doubt from me, because this is now 2 highly drafted edge prospects that when I hear wink rave about them, I get very uneasy lol, the talking points as to why he wanted this player, ugh.
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  10. I heard that when Penn State got into a tough spot the chant was "Where there's a will there's Oweh"
  11. who’s the other one?
  12. Ferguson. I already hated Ferguson so when I heard winks presser and he’s saying “when I hear a small school guy talking about bend and disengage I just get so excited, it was the best prospect interview I ever had” or something along those lines, I cringed so fucking hard, because if Ferguson was talking about that shit he was talking the talk knowing damn well he never walked the walk and was never going to. He knows nothing about bend or disengage or really anything other than “me strong, me go smash” like a fucking simpleton. Which I always knew was gonna be the case with him.

    so yeah, winks opinions on pass rush prospects really concerns me. Especially after he raved about Ferguson but was quiet on madubuike. Love his scheme, like him as a coach, but as a talent scout, yeah I’m not so sure based on what weve heard from him directly.
  13. This is key and my bet is Wink along with Rob Ryan will get the most out of him.
  14. Not that this was a good Edge class, but I think if we can improve his hand usage and get off he could be the best edge from this class.
  15. A lot of people are scared he'll bust. And mayyybeeee rightfully so. But I think this guy is gonna be an absolute star.

    Its just so funny. He's got every physical tool and the mental desire to get better and the motor for 100% every play. Hes already disruptive.

    And all of this is with constantly being late off the ball lol. And with no plan once he's in pure pass ruah. Like this just screams basic edge rusher coaching. If he's doing what he's doing now, and he's coachable and willing to learn, why is he not going to actually dramatically improve? High hopes for him.
  16. I agree 100%. This is an excellent article on Bateman AND Oweh and I posted it in the Bateman thread yesterday, but think it should be posted here also. It's a good read.

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  17. i also think the fact that it was one of the only close games penn st had this season so that couldve had an effect on how much he could do or wanted to. Most of the other games were blowouts so opportunities were slim to say the least. Def some eye opening plays on that tape though
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  18. Vinny Cerrato exposed himself again today. A caller specifically brought up the RPOs and double teams all throughout the Indiana game, to take oweh out of the game as much as they could, vinny said, after hanging up the call “I didn’t see any double teams”

    bruh, I watched the game last night, they legitimately double teamed his ass all day
  19. yeah - you start to notice the score in a lot of those games - penn state often losing bad with the other offense running a ton
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