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Purple Flock Dynasty League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 4, 2017.

  1. If a couple of you could double check your rosters. I think some rosters were deleted because of the original keeper date. I changed it and thought everyone’s roster was kept, but only some were.

    If that’s the case, I’ll be adding everyone back to their original roster according to the end of last years records. I know we had one trade this offseason and I’ll make that addition as well.

    So if you see a lot of transactions, that’s why.
  2. Yeah I'm still in. Just been busy the ladt few days so I didn't see your message
  3. Awesome! No problem, just checking in with people as we get closer.
  4. Our keepers date came and went, forgot to update. I did an offline, manually entered everyones roster back onto their teams. The only offseason trade has been accounted for.

    As far as the draft goes, since not everyone set their keepers, between now and August, get a good idea of who you want to release.

    We will have a nine round draft again, so you must release nine players if you want to pick nine times in the draft.

    For a few teams, players were kicked off of rosters because players are no longer on injured reserve, so let me know if you want them on your roster and who you want me to drop for that player.

    @29BmoreBird22 - Jerick McKinnon, Derius Guice
    @ZonaRaven - Bilal Powell, Donta Foreman
    @Ludy51 - maquise lee, hunter henry

    If any of these players will be apart of your nine released then it wont matter.

    Several of you already had your keepers set so you're good to go for the draft.

    If you have any questions, let me know!
  5. how much time do we have to select players and will it be the same way as last year where we post the players we want to draft in this thread?

    My keepers were already set and it looks as though everything is good on espn.
  6. Yup, it’ll be on a thread on here. I’m hoping to speed it up a little so we can have the draft a little later in August. I know some people suffered key injuries so I’d like to have it as close as I can, but I gotta see how responsive people are.
  7. I'm away until the 25th, but will have @Truth added to my team to draft for me if we begin on the 25th. We need to keep it to 12 hours so we can complete the 9 rounds before the season opener.
  8. Agreed, 12 hours is good. Should be getting more traffic through here in the next few weeks.
  9. ok, Truth has been added to my team as a 2nd owner due to me being on vacation during the draft. I come home from a 16 day trip on the 25th and will miss a couple days, which could end up being my first round pick. This will allow the draft to go smoothly and not be skipped on my first round pick.
  10. Small update. Still haven’t heard anything from our final 3. Getting closer to the draft, may have to replace four teams, if that’s even possible lol.

    Anybody know of anymore ravens forums that I might be able to grab someone to replace a team?
  11. @Deebo813 you want to play?
  12. Is just a regular fantasy type lg?
  13. Yea im down
  14. You could try the ravens subreddit
  15. It's little different, @RavensPunkXVX will give you all details.
  16. got my keepers down, though @RavensPunkXVX i'm gonna want to keep Hunter Henry
  17. I can put him back on your team. It says your roster is at max if you could drop one player for me to add him or let me know who you want to drop and I can do it.
  18. done
  19. Awesome! He has been added to your team.

    I put it on the Ravens subreddit. I also tried the findaleague subreddit, but it said I needed post flair. Reddit is like another dimension to me and I couldn't figure that out so was unable to post on the findaleague page.

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