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Purple Flock Dynasty League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 4, 2017.

  1. So, I had a few people who said they would join at the ravens subreddit. Which would make us one owner short. That being said, only one person has definitely said they're out. That is somerset ravens. @29BmoreBird22 , @RavensFan419 , and @ZonaRaven haven't responded. I've tagged them and sent PMs.

    My question is should I go ahead and replace them or give it another week to see if they hop on and respond?
  2. You saw posts on the previous page re @Deebo813 wanting to play?
  3. I did, I messaged him, but he thought it was just a regular fantasy league.
  4. Someone can take ownership of my team sorry I just got back to the forums!
  5. Thanks for letting me know! Appreciate it
  6. So, we have two of the four spots filled. Only two left are @29BmoreBird22 and @ZonaRaven. And one more potential replacement owner.
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  7. If you haven’t yet, be sure to free up 9 roster spots so you can do the 9 round draft.

    If you only free up, say 4, then you’ll only be able to draft the last 5 rounds.

    I’m gonna wait until the first preseason game to see if our other two guys pop back on.

    How quickly do you all think we can do this? 12 hours per pick was mentioned. Should we start drafting after the first preseason games or second preseason games? That would give us a few weeks.

    Don’t forget that picks are tradable as well which works with our offline draft. If your pick pops up, don’t like who’s in FA, feel free to try and deal that pick.
  8. I thought we were going to start on August 24th? If we stick to 12 hours we should complete the draft. I'm away on the 9th-25th
  9. Antonio Brown up for trade, just for moral reasons lol
  10. Thanks for the invite guys! I'm excited to start!
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  11. Happy to have ya! Thanks for taking over a team.

    We currently have one team opening. That spot is bmorebird. I have a desperation replacement owner potentially if I can't find anyone else. So if anybody knows of another person or where I Can find another person, let me know.

    Probably a week, week and a half out from the draft. Would like to start the draft during third preseason games. I just want to be sure we give ourselves enough time to draft.
  12. Anybody have an idea for another replacement owner? I asked someone I knew and they were shocked they I’d ask them to play in TWO fantasy leagues lol
  13. i've asked a friend of ours that we are on our cruise with and he didn't want to be in a dynasty league that has already started. Kind of puts you behind the 8 ball. Of course i think you made it work!!!
  14. I can ask my brother to take over a team if we need to but idk how you guys feel about that. dont want anyone crying out collusion lol
  15. IDK about you but my brother would be the last person I tried to cheat to help!
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  16. i'm fine with that
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  17. I’m fine with that as well. Just shoot me his email if he wants to.

    Make sure that he frees up 9 spots as well. And be sure to remind him not to add anyone from free agency.

    He also had two casualties from injured reserve. So if he wants jerick mckinnon or Derrius Guice, I can either add one or both back to his team but he needs to free up the spots for either one or both of those guys.
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  18. what team would he be taking over?
  19. He will be taking over the bmorebird team.

    Has the likes of Russell Wilson, Luck, Zeke, Mixon, AP, Snead, Dalvin Cook, Hurst. Potentially Guice if he adds him back.

    A pretty solid team I think.
  20. I'll see what he thinks and I'll get back to you guys. I'll do my best to convince him lol

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