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Purple Flock Dynasty League

Discussion in 'Fantasy Talk' started by RavensPunkXVX, May 4, 2017.

  1. what draft position is he in?
  2. He would have the #4 pick each round.
  3. he said he's in
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  4. Awesome! Shoot me his email and I’ll send him the invite as the new owner. Make sure he gets that stuff done in next couple of days as we will be drafting in a few days. Let me know if he wants Guice or mckinnon as well
  5. Damn, you should have gave me that team lol
  6. Lol luck of the draw. I was just handing them out as they became available
  7. I sent you his email. He says he's keeping guice and putting McKinnon on IR
  8. Invite sent!

    The only way he could put McKinnon on IR is if he's currently listed on IR. His team was over max because the two IR players came off of IR.

    So, as it currently stands, if he wants to draft full 9 rounds, he needs to drop 9 players. If he wants to keep Guice as well, he needs to drop 10 players then I'll add Guice and he'll be ready to draft 9 rounds. If he wants to keep McKinnon as well, he'll have to drop 11 players ,and I'll add both Guice and McKinnon back to his roster, setting him up for the draft this weekend.
  9. Hey, so I am Charm City's brother. Can I manually add guice to my roster? I cut it down to 19. If I add him, it will be 20.
  10. It's a legit account @RavensPunkXVX
  11. Awesome! I just added him to your roster. So you're good for the 9 round draft starting this weekend. And just so you know, picks can be traded as we do go through the draft.
  12. Your name on this forum is impossible.
    There is no such thing.
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  13. We are a rare breed. Unfortunately most cowboys fans still live in the 90's. I am not one of them. The cowboys have been notorious for choking in the last two decades. Could be worse though. I could be a Bengals or lions fan
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  14. Former Cowboy Tony Romo is a great commentator, I think we can all agree on that, right?
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  15. Draft was gonna start tomorrow but we’ll go ahead and put @Who Run It on the clock with the first overall pick.

    So if you know who you want now, feel free to post it here and I’ll add him to your team and we’ll get the ball rolling. Or you can wait until tomorrow.

    And you do have AJ Green on your team right? I have to update my draft spreadsheet. I believe that was Ravens419s team and he had first overall pick.
  16. So. Have to ask. And this is a shot in the dark. I knew a Who_Run_It on Playstation. Around the same age as you, and it's a fairly unique username. Is there any chance that you two are one in the same, or is this just a comical coincidence?
  17. Nope not me ha
  18. Yeah that’s my team. I’ll just go ahead and take Josh Jacobs
  19. Sounds good! I’ll add him and my friend is on the clock. I’ll let him know. Shouldn’t be long
  20. My friend, who is a Giants fan, went TE Evan Engram with the second pick. He also chose Barkley last year.

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