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The Movie Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by usmccharles, May 10, 2017.

  1. i hope this is good because it looks stunning
  2. I loved it and cant wait to watch it again. I just dont get how, in this day and age, the dialogue sound mixing can be so terrible.
  3. Netflix, you gotta be a special kind of stupid. Dumb motherfuckers....
  4. ?
  5. That creepy ass film called Cuties.

  6. um - you need to read up more on that film - it got mis-marketed by netflix - by all accounts this is all coming from people who havent seen it

    the whole point of the film is to explore the over-sexualisation of young girls by society and how it adversely affects them as they grow up experiencing those hyper-sexualised pressures etc.

    the marketing made it seem like it was what is described in those warnings above - but context is important to those scenes and it's supposed to be uncomfortable

    argue with the execution all you want but someone grappled with some difficult subject matter and contextualised it through the lens that filmmakers use

    there's a lot of outrage from people who haven't actually watched the film - and a lot of death threats sent to the director over a marketing campaign that made the film look completely different

    so blame netflix but the film itself is not the creepy pedophilic thing its being described as: it's literally a commentary on the predatory behaviours of men, the adultification of young girls and the malleability of young minds (and why that's both amazing but also dangerous)
  7. Why the fuck would directors and producers ask young children to do shit like this?

    But more importantly, how the fuck are the parents of these kids okay with this?
  8. the 1st one of these would be an issue if they were actually asking the actresses to do all those things but they're not - they're asking them to act

    we ask kids in movies to re-enact all sorts of awful situations that they wouldnt be allowed to actually engage in because that's the sort of shit that kids do - the whole point of this stuff is that you're horrified by it

    the 2nd tweet is more of a legitimate concern but that's the kind of stuff that goes through all sorts of child protection based risk assessment stuff with educational stuff done with the kids and their parents - their parents and/or guardians are always going to have to give the ok in these sorts of situations and there'd be a chaperone on set the whole time whose one job is solely the care of those kids

    it will have been explained to them what they're doing and why they're doing it

    the whole point of this film is the first question in this post - why would they ask young children to do this shit? well that's the point - society is literally encouraging girls of that age to sexualise themselves from a young age and it's commenting on that societal aspect - the way it comes from music (hence the reason for their provocative dancing - twerking etc. it's copied from adults that they see do those same things in the film)

    it's literally based off the experiences of adultification of the director herself

    you can argue it's misjudged but this weird moral panic is a massive overreaction
  9. here's a review from someone who's actually seen the movie:


    it's worthwhile also noting that this moral panic seems to come from conservative corners who've often pushed the idea of hollywood and deep state pedophile/sex-trafficing rings and to them this is "proof" of that agenda
  10. Joss Whedon is trash... who would have known that there was actually a good version of Justice League.
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  11. The Snyder cut rocks, he has really improved on character development.
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  12. I'm glad Steppenwolf died. Dude was a [profanity deleted] in the original cut. Even the parademons towards the end were like, "this dude is straight pussy. GET HIM!"
  13. Godzilla vs Kong is a hot fuggin mess. Terrible characters/acting, plot holes galore, and just retarded storyline. That said, the battle scenes are GORGEOUS. So, all in all, as expected.......

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