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Lamar Jackson

Discussion in 'Ravens Talk' started by Ice Bowl, May 9, 2018.

  1. Clowns saying clown shit. Surprise to anyone?

  2. The funniest part is the comment section. Apparently people think the comparison is a joke but still don't like Lamar because of his personality. Uhhhhhhhh... someone even said that his personality "draws a lot of heat to him". Are we talking about the same Lamar?
  4. There is seriously nothing to dislike about Lamar’s personality. It’s a few simple things, he’s black, got those west coast braids, he’s got swagger through the roof, and he’s got a country as hell accent. When it’s a qb and he’s dominating the league, it rubs a certain classification of people the wrong way.

    same as when cam newton was mvp and everyone dogged him, cam newton is genuinely one of the best dudes in the league, he’s a goddamn saint but there wasn’t a single player in the league more hated.

    really irks my goddamn nerves that such a high character player draws so much hatred for such disgusting reasons, nobody will come out in the open and say why though
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  5. the way people characterised Cam as a diva too just because he dressed differently and didnt dive on one fumble in the superbowl

    there's a lot of white folk in lots of fandoms who conflate being a non-conforming black man with all sorts of unrelated and inapplicable character problems just because they're different
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  6. Honestly, the only reason I can think of for hating him is if he broke your ankles and you became a meme for the next 20 years.
  7. While he isn't the best example because of his own issues, I remember when Dez would go off on the sideline, folks would ask if he's a locker room cancer. When Brady did it, it was because he was PASSIONATE and FIERY.
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  8. This might be where I lose some people but i think the same thing happens with odell - his antics aren’t (predominantly) bad things they are just eccentric - and annoying sometimes - but he gets treated by media and fans like a locker room cancer when it seems that’s not the case
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  9. I hope lamar makes it a annual tradition to go spend time with Tom house every off season. He’s the Throwing Guru
  10. He spent a bit of time with the Tom house crew but most of the offseason stuff he did with Joshua Harris in Florida and this offseason maybe even Deshaun Watson too - I’m more into that happening every year than Tom house - who’s almost become a meme because every “struggling” qb seems to spend their offseason with him
  11. Not just struggling QBs. Tom Brady and drew brees spend time with him as well.

    I read about josh Harris and how he and lamar trains together. But I feel like all josh Harris can do is give lamar practice reps over and over. A guru like Tom house will break down his mechanics and try to improve it. Then he takes that lesson to Harris to rep it out
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  12. The worst has yet to come!
  13. It's getting sad at this juncture.
  14. I mean that’s not what happened last offseason or the offseason before - coach Harris is one of the biggest reasons for Lamar’s wider base and better mechanics - that’s literally his whole job last offseason with Lamar in Florida

    And on top of that he spent some time between mandatory minicamp and training camp with an affiliate of Tom house but not much - he spent weeks with Harris in Florida before players even were allowed in the building

    Not much Tom house is going to do with Lamar in the space of a couple of weeks after Harris and urban have been with him

    The only people telling Harris what Lamar should be doing are the ravens coaching staff and Lamar himself

    Coach Harris has done lots of interviews where he talks about his plan for Lamar and what they work on and what they still need to work on

    haha ooft that's a tough watch
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  16. I think Lamar could benefit from spending more time with someone like House, someone different. Harris has been with him since Louisville and while I'm sure there's a great relationship there it seems that someone with more NFL experience would be appropriate.

    Truth be known James Urban has been the biggest influence in LJ's development. It's pretty dumb coaches can't even talk about football with players in the off season, especially QBs.
    #6056 Tank, Feb 14, 2020 at 4:01 PM
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2020 at 4:07 PM
  17. I dunno, given his improvement last off season I'm pretty happy for him to keep doing what he's been doing.
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  18. huh? why would you say that - why take him away from the guy who's helped him prove at an astronomical rate every year since he got to louisville - why do we think house is going to make him better than harris will at this point

    and what's to say he wont spend another week or 2 with house before training camp like this year

    i just think the whole NFL experience thing is overrated because no one has ever played qb like lamar does - he is incomparable - and who knows him and his mechanics and his thought process better than harris outside of the ravens?
  19. Wasn't suggesting anything be taken away, obviously Harris is an excellent fit for general off season training purposes. But I think an NFL level mechanics expert would do nothing but add value, as it seemingly did prior to training camp last year.

    And again, IMO Urban is ultimately the most important teacher at this point in Lamar's career, not Harris.
    #6059 Tank, Feb 14, 2020 at 7:42 PM
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2020 at 7:53 PM
  20. i mean obviously urban's the most important or harris would be here as the QB coach in stead - but it minimises what Harris does to ignore that he's the guy who helped lamar build and improve his mechanics each year as a collaborator with Lamar (and the Ravens) - at this point what is it about Lamar that you want to change mechanically? the grip isn't going to change and you dont want to change his release either - so that leaves mostly footwork which is what he's spent most of his time with harris working on and mostly the issues there are down to consistency and that comes from reps

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