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Video Game Thread

Discussion in 'Madden/Video Games' started by Dom McRaven, May 18, 2017.

  2. I take it back. Oh god I take it all back...

    Save us Amy Hennig/Bruce Straley, you’re our only hope...
  3. Apparently there's gonna be a Miles Morales game for the PS5. Really wish I had waited on getting a PS4.
  5. It looks like a router and the XBOX Series X looks like a refrigerator.
  6. Madden is getting a lot of negative reviews. But thousands of dollars are being spent on MUT lol, terrible.
  7. Madden is trending on twitter, and it seems people don't like the new one. Is it worth getting if I've never played a Madden game on PS4? I'd wait until the price drops.

    The last one I played was 25 on PS3 and I only played the franchise mode. Is the gameplay decent enough? A game with Lamar on the cover would be cool, but not cool enough for me to buy if the game is terrible.
  8. They didn't do nothing with Franchise Mode. Added a new game mode called 'The Yard' which is supposed to be arcade style backyard football. They have a story mode called 'Face of The Franchise' which doesn't allow for branching storylines, EA made it with only one path. On top of it, tons of glitches and issues galore.

    Don't buy it is discounted if you just want it for Lamar on the cover, or buy it used at a discount from Gamestop.
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  9. Lipstick on a pig. Same game as 20 with a different color scheme and worse soundtrack. Using same stock photos from 20 as well.
  10. In case anyone is wondering about Madden 21, this picture says it all.


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  11. Xbox Series X drops nov 10 for 499. EA play comes with Game pass. Wow.
    Series S for 299 is a very good deal if you don't care about 4K.
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  12. PS5 or bust boys
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  13. Definitely getting the Series X at a later time. I'd like to see the early reviews first.
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  14. What games are you interested in?
  15. For me, my must-get games are Halo Infinite and Forza but neither are available during launch. Dirt 5 and Project Cars 3 are two others that I'm :eyes: at. I'm sure there'll be others but I have, like, 55 games installed on my One as of now.

    Thing is, I'm still quite very happy with the One but between work, gym, watching the games, and other things, I just don't have as much time to play video games like I used to. I've never cared for Spider-Man (as a character) or God of War so the Sony exclusives never piqued my interest.
  16. I've been a Playstation guy for a long time but I'm debating switching over to the Series X, I'm going to wait a bit before I buy it though. They might have a Pro version of the PS5/Series X in 2022 that allows up to 8K gaming or something lol. I'm mostly at the minute trying to get a Nintendo Switch but those are sold out everywhere.
  17. I'm getting the PS5 solely based off exclusives like Demons souls and Spiderman. Also I'm a sucker for JRPGs so xbox doesnt get many of those. Like FF.
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  18. I ordered a PS5 and Series S. You might be doing the right in waiting for improved versions, but I'm not as patient as you.

  19. What are you looking to play?
  20. It's not that I'm patient, just not many games at launch lol. I do wonder how well the digital only versions will sell and if that means Gamestop won't make to the end of the decade.

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