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The Well-Mannered Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by usmccharles, May 22, 2017.

  1. Here in NZ:

    $585/week for full time employed, $350/week for part-time workers
    6 months mortgage holiday
    6 months rent freeze, 3 months (at least) ban on evictions
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  2. As far as my limited understanding goes, like bacteria a virus isn't alive and is inert unless it comes into contact with a living cell. It is just an RNA molecule with a layer of fat and therefore no antibiotic can work in my non-medical assessment, logically speaking of course.

  3. lmfaoooo

  4. That last part about solar and lowering emissions is annoying. What does that have to do with anything pertaining US?
  5. Lot of stipulations for the Canadians and jeez also the income gets taxed unlike the US. You can get the info down below from Canada.ca

    We will provide a taxable benefit of $2,000 a month for up to 4 months to:

    • workers who must stop working due to COVID19 and do not have access to paid leave or other income support.
    • workers who are sick, quarantined, or taking care of someone who is sick with COVID-19.
    • working parents who must stay home without pay to care for children that are sick or need additional care because of school and daycare closures.
    • workers who still have their employment but are not being paid because there is currently not sufficient work and their employer has asked them not to come to work.
    • wage earners and self-employed individuals, including contract workers, who would not otherwise be eligible for Employment Insurance.
    All US single workers making 75,000 or less ( married 150,000 or less) will get a stimulus and not be taxed. It goes down the more you earn until you reach 99,000 (singles) and 199,000 (married couples). Also the children receive 500 dollars (US) while Canada receives 300 per child up to 4 children. A nice link down below.


    Edit: Not saying what the Canadians have is bad. Its just not what its made out to be.
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  6. Turned out to be a lot more than that. All kinds of money for the arts and public broadcasting just to name a couple plus an awful high amount of unemployment insurance which really disincentivises people from working lower income jobs. I'll try to find some info for you tommorrow cuz I'm short on time today.
  7. why would you want anyone to be going to work right now in the middle of a contagious pandemic?
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  8. I will never understand that and where our society falls flat on its face.
  9. Rhetorical question?
  10. If you get 600 dollars a week by itself thats 15 dollars an hour for a 40 hr workweek plus they're also getting their regular payout which averages about 300 dollars so thats 900 dollars for a 40 hr workweek. So thats 22.50 cents an hour and this will last 4 mths if you dont want to work so why go back? Understand. Also dont forget the stimulus checks too.

    I guess we dont need anybody working at grocery stores or takeout places or in agriculture. Hell just sit on your ass and play video games and make bigger bucks. You can still work and be sanitized at the same time. I'm amazed at how you guys think sometimes.
  11. You can't really sanitise against this bug.
    Sure, some people in essential services will be at risk but the risk will be reduced.
    As of 25min ago, according to Johns Hopkins numbers, this is current situation:


    Who doesn't need to be out should stay inside.
  12. Well you answered a post where I was explaining the ridiculousness of the unemployment insurance where the extra 600 dollars added on is waaaay above board. There's also a very good chance that this could level out in a month where we could go back to work and there is a strong disincentivization not too. Why go back to a 12 or 15 dollar an hour job?........................ but since you kinda switched the subject. There's a very strong chance that when the coronavirus dissipates out it could still make a strong return again even in the fall. So what are we supposed to do? Hole up until there's a vaccine? No fn way!!! We have to go back to work. There's so many other viruses out there let alone other ways to die. We cant do this for months on end. This is a Feb chart of just flu contractions and deaths only in the US. The CDC also goes from Oct to Sept with their info.


    Look I understand the death rate for flu is lower than the coronavirus where coronavirus is around 1% while the flu is a 1/10th of that but the overall numbers should tell you something. Even the vaccines for influenza and H1N1 are not guaranteed since the strain can just be a little diffrnet. In my own opinion I would like to see Trump tack on another 15 days until Apr 15 but we cant just leave the economy closed and that includes N Zealand and Europe let alone the rest of the world.

    The two positives the coronavirus has given us tho is people will bring sanitization to a higher level and the awareness of China's influence.

  13. The coronavirus is much more potent than a regular flu, this is a fact. Doctors have lost their lives treating this thing, here in America, that is also a fact. Encouraging people to stay home and paying them for a SHORT amount of time is a great idea and should have been done a long time ago.

    The longer you wait, the worse it gets. What I don't want is for this to exceed anything before it and explode even further because of our insistence to work and go out. We NEED to work because most Americans live pay check to pay check, this is a sad reality here in the greatest nation. Big essentials, like electricity and water can and SHOULD suspend payments for everyone for a short time to make it easier to stay home. All you need is a litlle money for food and shelter until this blows over. Same for the banks, they can definitely step in and suspend mortgages and or rent.

    That leads to another issue, apparently none of these big business companies have money, which is alarming.
  14. I agree with this. Good post. There has to be a reassessment after a very short amount of time constantly. I just didnt like everything that was in the 2.2 tril stimulus package. It was too generous and had way too much extra goodies that had nothing to do with coronavirus. Spend spend spend always seems to be the always too easy answer. As Trump said the cure can be worse than the disease and that is a possibility.

    I'm a half glass full guy and all we can do is play it day by day.

  15. To be fair, I'm not interested in what he has to say about the virus itself. Of course this was an excuse to fund a bunch of bullshit that has nothing to do with our safety. That's the part that bothers me, you waited this long? There is evidence that they knew about this (hell I knew about this in December) and the impact it would eventually have on us and many people pulled out stocks. I find that to be very...very....very.....VERY interesting. They knew it would be bad and did nothing.

    This is the part where politics shows us all what its really about, regardless of party. It has and always will be about taking care of the elites and powerful in America. Not you and me.
  16. I just think this will go much longer than we all hope for and people will need assistance over a longer period of time. As @gtalk12 said - what really needs to happen is a relief with essential things - house payments, bills, food.

    I'm aware we're talking very different scale here but from experience, timely action, clear and consistent message without any sugar-coating of the present moment and the expectations for the future, backed by the evidence of preparedness by NZ govt was really reassuring. They got their priorities bang on.
  17. Just know the pursestrings are not controlled by the president and his move of a travel ban from China at the end of Jan saved lives or it would have even been worse. He was ridiculed by the media as a xenophobe for it. The stock selloffs were also inside trading. No doubt about it and Feinstein,Loeffler and Burr need to resign yesterday. Inhofe the 4th one had a strong history of the trades he did and his money moves were way less than the others so I personally give him a pass.

    Tbh I know most didnt know about the coronavirus until China started quaranting their citizens in Wuhan. That was the red alert right there.. All media were more in tune to the impeachment senate trial. Maybe if that shit wasnt center stage............
  18. Considering the gravity of the situation, those inside traders with the knowledge to help should see some sort of penalty. A HEAVY one.

    Side note, a friend of mine just lost his father today to the virus.
  19. How soon are we supposed to get these checks now that the dems & Republicans stopped bickering with each other?
  20. Its too the point where anybody in the Congress should not be involved in individual stocks and that includes spouses since this could affect decisionmaking where they might want to something thats in their best interests. We just seen it happening right in our faces.

    Very sorry to hear about your friends father.

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