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The Well-Mannered Politics Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by usmccharles, May 22, 2017.

  1. Show me that headline!!!
  2. So what is the rest of the equation?
  3. What did Obama accomplish?? Create Obamacare which is taking from the working class and giving to the poor. Show me the federal govt has a right in the Constitution to control healthxcare or education. 10th amendment if you didn't know. Oh yeah also destroyed middle east and created the JV team. Golf clap

    Trump has done a lot you know fighting the media and their fabrications. You should know better. A lot of people don't. They just read headlines. FB,Google you name it is controlled by the left and don't get me started on George Soros puppetmastering all theses protests. You know a foreigner.
    He hasn't withdrew from NAFTA yet. That still supposed to be negotiated. I think. And the infrastructure they gotta pass the budget bill.
    OK but they corrected themselves sop its not fake news
  4. "The media and their fabrications." I'm sorry. I can't have a well mannered discussion with inane comments like that.

    As for Obama, ended the recession, enacted stricter regs on banks, tax cuts in 2010, mobilizing out of the Middle East, and something like 24 straight months with GDP growth over 1.5 percent -- a streak ended with Trump's beginning. That's without using google by the way.

    To blame ISIS on Obama is to complete ignore Bush's involvement in Fallujah. That's where ISIS started. But that's okay. You don't have to blame the guy that went in there and radicalized everyone. Go ahead and blame the guy that tried clean up.

    Saying Obamacare is taking from the middle class and giving to the poor is so goddamn objectively false I don't even know where to begin. It is tightening the middle class, but that's because the GOP Congress hasn't funded the subsidies -- which come from the highest tax bracket -- at adequate levels.
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  5. Mobilizing out of the middle east was good?? lol. Repubs forced Obama to extend Bush tax cuts lol. Stricter regs on banks? Yeah cuz of bailout. Come on man

    Will be back Fri. Gotta roll.
  6. We had to get out eventually, especially since Dubya had no designs on getting out.

    Republicans didn't have a majority in 2010.

    Still did it. It's not as though he came in before the recession and simply elected not to do it. He did it when he came in to help fix the problem.
  7. I agree @usmccharles.

    I believe the issue with politics or even religion comes in when people attempt to belittle or attack someone else for having a different view or opinion than theirs. Just because I express my views and opinions doesn't mean that I have to attack or belittle anyone else's. I too enjoy the interaction.
  8. So let me ask this, then.

    How do you do that? Graduating in two years with multiple extra curricular and having prior research experience in a chemistry lab at my college wasn't enough to get me a job at an outside lab. Tell me how else to stand out.

    Also, keep in mind my family had the money to send me to a college at all when saying people need to work hard.
    Try most. It isn't easy to advance yourself in America if you are not set up with all the tools from birth (money being a major driving factor).
    Let me frame it this way.

    You have two students who were born into opposite ends of the spectrum financially.

    Rich student goes to an elite private school and has tutors every night to help him understand his work. He spends maybe two hours a day on school during the week days and because of his money, he's able to participate in several extra curricular activities and keep up with a rigorous schedule.

    Poor student is from an inner city and has parents that both work two jobs, both working nights. Poor student struggles with his/her homework, but puts in effort all night long to understand her studies. Due to having to work because his/her parents are poor or having younger siblings to watch, the poor student is unable to participate in after school activities and is relegated to only his/her rigorous class load.

    Let's say both had the exact same classes and both had the exact same GPA. Which do you think is getting into college ahead of the other or getting scholarships ahead of the other? Student one, all day.
  9. So that is the answer to my question? Economic / Social status?
  10. I think that's a major driving factor, yes.

    There's a reason people are most likely to stay in their own economic class and more likely to fall out than to move up.
  11. That is just crazy to me. I enjoy when others have different opinions because i feel like that's how we learn, or at least i do. Don't worry, i'll never leave you

    Yea, i know exactly what you mean, it is equivalent to sarcasm through text. I have honestly never been peeved/triggered in my entire life (or at least i cant recall a single time). Last year i had a long red beard, like a viking basically, i had someone woman at a bar yelling at me at i am a Muslim terrorist and should be ashame of myself and i dont deserve to be a Marine....because i have read the Quran. My reaction: cheers and took a shot of Vodka.

  12. Just to make sure we are on the same page. It is your claim that a MAJOR factor is economic / social status. Your words not mine so I will assume you will affirm that.

    In your hypothetical both subject have the "exact" same GPA so I would think that academics alone is not the divide, but I can only assume school history ? Home address?
    *shrugs* any clarification?
  13. [​IMG]
    Did it look like this? :D

    I agree with you, I think it's important to be able to look at the other side, regardless of what you believe, and try to understand where they are coming from.
  14. [​IMG]
    More like this, just super red,longer, and to a point lol. I miss flipping it like the martial arts teacher in kill bill
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  15. Fox News, MSNBC, CNN. All equally shitty in my book. I watch all three. Only one that is shamelessly shitty is fox.

    That said, there are people on all three worth watching imho. And people on all three that make me suicidal.

    Was kind of surprised Fox didn't hire Tomi Lahren
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  16. I would hire her.

    For what I don't know.
  17. Eye candy.
  18. Have you ever seen her without make up ?

    MUCH prettier.

    I am not a fan of make up.
  19. Pretty much my family has moved up. My grandparents when moved to the states in Baltimore couldn't afford a car. Now I'm not sure of everything (real estate) the family owns I don't bother to keep up with it. Cuz it's not what is most important to me. And I never asked for a thing. I know my cousins have. I don't care for details but it's pretty apparent all of them have.
    I'm not gonna lie I really like make up on a girl. And I really appreciate her getting all dolled up and the time and effort she puts into it. It is cute as hell and I appreciate it!! Very much!!

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